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Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Students interested in commercial litigation or business law should consider a focus in Commercial Law. The wide range of Commercial Law courses examine contracts, payment systems, and financing for the sale of goods, as well as the legal issues surrounding mortgage banking and small business matters. Students pursuing this focus area develop the skills to manage commercial transactions in a business setting and learn about the increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Dan Barnizer

Professor of Law & The Bradford Stone Faculty Scholar

“I want to produce students who have mastered my subject matter.”

Professor Barnhizer teaches several Commercial Law courses, including Contracts. He challenges his students to go beyond an understanding of course materials; to show up prepared to analyze and interpret legal theory.

Anne Lawton

Professor of Law

Professor Lawton has taught in both business school and law schools, and brings her research on bankruptcy into the classroom. She serves as an advisor to students with an interest in Commercial Law.

Courses Credits
Analytical Methods for Lawyers-Corporate Finance 1
Business Enterprises 4
Business, Securities and Tax Planning 2
Closely- Held Business: Shareholder and Member Disputes 2
Contract Drafting 3
Contract Negotiation 1
Contract Theory Seminar 2
Corporate Finance 3
Corporate Income Taxation 3
Corporate Law and Policy Seminar 2
International Business Transactions 3
International Commercial Arbitration 3
International Sale of Goods 2
Journal of Business and Securities Law 1
Mortgage Banking Law 2
Mortgages 2
Payment Systems 3
Problem-solving in Contracts 1
Sales and Leases 3
Secured Transactions 2
Secured Transactions and Practice 3
Securities Regulation I 3
Small Business and Nonprofit Law Clinic I 3
Small Business and Nonprofit Law Clinic II 3
Topics in Commercial Transactions 0