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Taxation Law

Focusing on tax law can lead to employment in private firms as a tax and estate planning specialist, as well as jobs for accounting firms, the government, and charitable organizations. Coursework exposes students to theoretical and practical issues related to federal, state, and local taxation, and students develop the skills to solve complex tax problems.

Students can enhance their marketability by participating in the Tax Law clinic, which provides tax-related legal services to members of the community. Student clinicians handle all aspects of controversy with the IRS and represent clients in cases before the U.S. Tax Court.

Courses Credits
Basic Income Taxation A or B 2 (A) - 4 (B)
Business Securities and Tax Planning 2
Corporate Income Taxation 3
Deferred and Executive Compensation 2
Directed Study 2
Estate and Gift Taxation 3
Estate Planning & Drafting Seminar 2
Externship 2
International Taxation 2
Partnership Taxation 2
Practice and Procedure Before the IRS 2
State and Local Taxation 2
Tax Clinic 3
Tax Fraud 2
Tax Policy 2
Tax Practice and Procedure 2
Tax Treaties: Domestic Taxation Implications 2
U.S.-Canadian Taxation 2

For more information, contact:

Professor Amy C. McCormick

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