MSU College of Law

ADR Academic Program

Mission Statement

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program at Michigan State University College of Law exists to prepare students with the theoretical underpinnings and practical skills necessary to succeed in the modern legal profession.

ADR Curriculum

The ADR program is an opportunity for students interested in ADR, either as a career or as an augment to more traditional legal work, to acquire more focused knowledge through the delivery of strategic skills-building exercises.

Students who wish to acquire special expertise in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) may enroll in a group of coordinated courses in ADR, along with the required Contract Negotiation class. Students wishing to create an informal “concentration” in ADR should, at a minimum, take Negotiation, General Civil Mediation, and Arbitration.

Other courses include:

Negotiation (2 credits)
ADR in the Workplace (2 credits)
International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration (3 credits)
Commercial Arbitration (3 credits)
Labor Arbitration (2 credits)
Arbitration Advocacy (2 credits)
General Civil Mediation (2 credits)
Domestic Relations Mediation (3 credits)
Advanced Mediation (2 credits)
Problem-Solving Approaches to Conflict Resolution (2 credits)

We also have numerous Externship opportunities and a FINRA Securities Arbitration Clinic

FINRA Securities Clinic

Externship [Community Dispute Resolution Center, or Other 501(c) (3) ADR Entity] (3)

For more information:

Professor Mary A. Bedikian

Associate Professor Brian A. Pappas