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Ryan Conklin

J.D. Candidate ’15 | Plain City, OH
The Ohio State University | Agriculture
"There is a tremendous amount of brand capital that comes with the MSU name. Having a Juris Doctor from a nationally-recognized institution allows me to take my degree to other parts of the United States and be competitive with other graduates.”

For Ryan Conklin, the MSU College of Law community has become a second family. “I formed close friendships, resulting in the free-flow of outlines, practice exam answers, and class notes. Many professors learned my name and recognized me outside of class,” he said. “Within one week of returning from winter break, my professor called me by name, and I secured a reference for jobs.” 

The MSU Law professors’ genuine open door policy has helped smooth Ryan’s transition to law school. “Whether I had a question or wanted to talk Spartan sports, my professors took time to chat,” he said. “Another strength of the law college is the relationship the administration has with the student body. Dean Howarth hosts “Food with the Dean” dinners, providing a forum for students to ask questions.”

Ryan also feels that the Law College does an exceptional job of coaching students. “Through Immersion Week, workshops hosted by the Academic Success Program, and career services advising, there is a superb system for introducing first years to the rigors of law school,” he said. 

Ryan’s involvement in Student Body Association (SBA) and the Spartan Law Student Society (SLSS) gave him the opportunity to befriend upper-level students, and it added a social element to his law school experience. “The 2Ls and 3Ls were an invaluable source of advice; one 2L volunteered her free time to help me improve my arguments,” he said. “Both SBA and SLSS provided me with social opportunities.” 

When he graduates, Ryan is confident that having a JD from a nationally-recognized institution will allow him to take his degree anywhere in the United States and be a competitive job candidate. “There is a tremendous amount of brand capital that comes with the MSU name,” he said. “Additionally, as a student, you interact with professors who are some of the best legal minds in the country, students who might send you client referrals someday, and employers who may hire you for an internship.”

He recommended that incoming law students take time to prepare for class, interact with people, and present themselves in a professional manner. “The creation of your professional reputation begins on your first day,” he said.  

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