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The Externship Program

The introductory Canadian legal system course will be taught at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law before placements begin. The weekly seminars and the Director’s office will also be located at the Faculty of Law. During the placements, students will be required to perform relevant legal tasks such as legal or legislative research, legal analysis, legal writing and legal or legislative drafting under the direct supervision of Members of Parliament or public lawyers. In addition, the students’ work will be monitored by the Program Director. Seminars and lectures will be conducted during the six-week period. Students will also be required to complete legal research and writing assignments that are relevant to or derived from their externship placement.

The Externship Placements

Externships have included placements with:

  • Members of the House of Commons and Senate including the offices of the Deputy Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, the Chair of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee, the Chair of the Economic Development Committee, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment, and the Law Clerk & Parliamentary Counsel of the House of Commons and of the Senate
  • Ministry of Justice in the Civil Litigation, Legislation, and International Law Sections
  • Federal Courts of Canada
  • Secretary of State for Latin America & Africa
  • Privacy Commission
  • Auditor General
  • National Transportation Agency

* About one-half of the placements will be with Members of Parliament.

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