MSU College of Law

Diversity Services Office

The Law College has provided legal opportunities to diverse populations since its founding in Detroit in 1891. Michigan State University College of Law students come from a wide variety of personal, professional, and educational backgrounds. This diversity creates a rich exchange of ideas in the classroom and beyond.

Diversity includes you. The Diversity Services Office (DSO) enhances the MSU Law experience for our whole community by embracing diversity in all its forms. Everyone in the Law College family contributes to our diverse environment.

The DSO exists to ensure a smooth transition and positive experience for all students. We demonstrate our commitment to diversity by recruiting students from diverse backgrounds, supporting students’ academic success, and promoting diversity in the legal profession.

The DSO facilitates:

  • Cultural associations to support groups underrepresented in law.
  • One-on-one advising to help with the challenges of law school.
  • More than 40 student groups representing our vibrant student body.
  • An annual Diversity Week to celebrate our shared community.
  • Funding for inclusion initiatives.

Above all, our mission is to accept, appreciate, and achieve diversity.