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Student Group Resources

All student leaders should review the 2014-2015 Student Group Handbook (PDF) to learn the policies, procedures, and requirements for student groups at MSU College of Law. The handbook is an important resource when planning events and meetings, and finding resources to support your organization. Students interested in forming a new student group should review and complete the New Student Group Application (PDF). To view a complete list of recognized student groups at MSU Law, or to learn how to join a group, visit MSU Law Student Groups.

Student Group Forms

Conduct a preliminary conflict check of your proposed dates for a student group event by viewing the school calendar here. Then, you will want to submit your Event Planning Form (PDF) to the Events Office right away to reserve your date and time.

Student Leaders Online Training

All executive board members are required to watch all of these videos which contain important information for your student organization including event procedures, and funding.

Introduction (Video 1)
Event Procedures (Video 2)
Finances (Video 3)
-Authorized Officer Form (PDF)
Fundraisers (Video 4)
Funding Sources (Video 5 series):
SBA Funding
COGS Event/Conference Funding
Alumni Association Event/Conference Funding
Diversity Services Event Funding/Conference Funding
Meeting Protocols (Video 6)
Recruitment and Communication with Student Body (Video 7)
Working with Communications Office (Video 8)
Closing (Video 9)

Executive board leaders will receive an email from the Office of Student Engagement with a quiz covering the content of the videos and the Student Group Handbook. All student group bank accounts have a hold until the group's quizzes are submitted. The Office of Student Engagement will remove the hold and activate your student group bank account for reimbursements and expenses upon suceessful completion of the quiz by all of the board members who are required to take it.

End of Year Transition & Re-Registration Process

All Lawyers as Leaders transition binders, complete with the End of Year Registration Form and all documents requested in the packet must be returned to OSE. All student groups, including journals and moot court, are required to complete this registration and transition/training process.

The Registration Form should be the first thing we see when we open your binder and each tab should be filled with applicable documents from your group from this academic year. Remember to create a student group dropbox (ie. BLSA Dropbox) where you upload these documents, so that your incoming leader can have an electronic version of these key documents.

All of these materials are due to the Office of Student Engagement no later than Friday, March 27th before 5:00 p.m. Failure to submit these completed materials will mean your group will not be a registered and recognized student group for the next academic year. Please note that the date deadline stated in the video should be disregarded and the deadline noted here applies.

Please save the date for our Annual Student Life Awards Banquet, which will be held on Monday, April 13th 2015 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in Room 343. We hope that all of you will join us for a great event to celebrate your contributions during 2014-15.

Funding Options for Student Groups

To start out the year, the SBA has disbursed $75.00 into each registered student organization's bank account with the Accounting office. This should be used as seed money to start up the year, host a Student Group Fair table, and hold your first informational meetings. As you prepare to host events and need additional funding, you should prepare a detailed budget to find out what your needs are. Then, review your options for obtaining funds. There is additional detail in the Video 5 series above, but some of your options include:

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