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Lansing, Michigan’s Capital City

Travel a few miles west, and you will be in downtown Lansing, an energetic region with a diverse array of retail shops and restaurants, local pubs and night clubs, art galleries and live entertainment options.

Approximately 13 miles of urban river trail and a nationally rated public transit system, including the Entertainment Express Trolley, make it easy to get from here to there without relying on a car. Along the way, you’ll discover countless parks and public spaces, a zoo, a science center, community theater, a city market, Lansing Lugnuts minor league baseball, the eclectic Old Town neighborhood, and much more.

Lansing is home to Michigan’s state government, the Michigan Supreme Court, and the Library of Michigan. You’ll also have convenient access to many of Michigan’s most prominent law firms, judicial mentors, lobbyists, and other professional connections.

Explore more of the surrounding communities that make up Greater Lansing, Michigan’s Capital Region.

Why Choose Greater Lansing?