MSU College of Law

Dual Degree Programs

Enjoy a New Degree of Success

One way to distinguish yourself academically and professionally is by earning both a law degree and another graduate degree in an area that interests you. MSU College of Law’s affiliation with Michigan State University—and its relationship with the University of Ottawa in Canada—make it possible for law students to pursue both a J.D. and another advanced degree at the same time.

You can choose from a wide variety of dual degree programs that allow a predetermined number of credits from each program to count toward elective credits in the other program. It’s possible to earn both your law degree and a master’s degree or a U.S. and Canadian law degree in just four years.

If you are considering a dual degree program, you need to apply and be accepted into each program separately. Admission to the law program is required prior to accumulation of credits in either program.

U.S.-Canadian Dual J.D. Program with the University of Ottawa

Dual Professional Degrees with MSU Graduate Programs


JD-MA in English

JD-MS in Fisheries & Wildlife

JD-MS in Forestry

JD-MA in Interdisciplinary Programs in Health and Humanities

JD-MA in Labor Relations & Human Resources

JD-MS in Community, Agricultural, Recreation, and Resources Studies

JD-Master in Urban and Regional Planning