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Environmental & Natural Resource Law

An environmental law focus brings students into the increasingly complex world of environmental legal issues and their political and social implications. Coursework focuses on the statutory and administrative sources of environmental law, as well as key agency rulings and court opinions. Classes also explore the role of agencies, courts and citizen groups in the implementation of environmental law and the challenges associated with enforcement.

Students interested in land use issues and farming should consider participating in the Urban Food, Farm and Agriculture Clinic, where student clinicians work with nonprofits and individuals in Detroit to develop urban agriculture programs.

Courses Credits
Administrative Law 3
Air Pollution and Law 3
Animal Law 2
Directed Study 2
Environmental Externship 3
Environmental Law 3
Hazardous Waste Law 2, 3
Indigenous Law Program Course (as selected by Chair) 2, 3
International Environmental Law 3
International Trade Law 2
Land Use Planning 3
Natural Resources Law 2, 3
Water Law 2
Wildlife Law 2

Other courses as approved by program chair.

For more information, contact:

Professor David S. Favre

Professor Noga Morag-Levine

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