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February 1 Priority Deadline for Scholarship Program

Prospective applicants for admission to Michigan State University College of Law's fall 2013 entering class are encouraged to meet the Law College's February 1 priority deadline for scholarship consideration.

According to Charles Roboski, assistant dean for admissions and financial aid, the Michigan State Law expects to provide as many as 115 full- and partial-tuition scholarships to students who will begin their studies at the Law College in August 2013. Scholarship awards include both academic-based awards and Trustee Scholarships. Every candidate admitted to the College of Law is given consideration for these awards; no separate financial aid or scholarship application is necessary.

Admitted candidates who are not provided an Academic or Trustee award are advised to apply for need-based grant assistance. Grants will be awarded in amounts up to $17,500 per year to incoming students who meet qualifying criteria. The deadline for submitting application materials for grant assistance is February 20, 2013.

The Michigan State Law’s financial aid program for members of the fall 2013 incoming class reflects the Law College's desire to assist as many students as possible. It is expected that more than half of next fall's class will have some type of funding and that the average award will exceed $20,000. This level of funding—which is higher than that at most other law schools—reflects MSU Law’s commitment to offering a quality legal education that provides the greatest possible value. “Especially in the present economy, we are dedicated to helping incoming students meet the cost of their legal education,” notes Dean Joan Howarth.

Applications for admission to the fall 2013 entering class will be accepted through April 30, 2013. Prospective applicants are invited to schedule a 20-minute phone consultation with a member of the Admissions staff in order to discuss admission procedures and standards, as well as to obtain additional information regarding the Law College's scholarship and grant program. Phone consultations may be scheduled via email:

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