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Scholarship and Grant Assistance

students at graduation

MSU Law has among the most generous scholarship programs among law schools in the nation, annually providing awards to more than half of each incoming class.  .

The majority of scholarships are renewable up to 88 credit hours, with scholarship assistance applying to courses taken at the Law College, courses taught by MSU Law faculty in the Washington, DC Semester Program, the Law College's summer study-abroad programs, and online courses taught by the Law College.

Academic Scholarships - Fall 2015 Entering Class

Every candidate offered admission to the Law College prior to February 15 is given full consideration for scholarship assistance.  In nearly all instances, admitted candidates receive notification of an award in conjunction with the offer of admission.  The numerical criteria listed below represent the Scholarship Committee's best effort to communicate the expected numerical standards for being provided scholarship assistance as a member of the fall 2015 entering class.  It's important to note, however, that the Scholarship Committee also gives consideration to factors such as rigor of academic program, grade trends, and extenuating circumstances.  Variations in the applicant pool also may prompt the Scholarship Committee to adjust (upward or downward) award levels.  Although all applicants for admission are considered for scholarship aid, the selection committee may request supplemental information from a candidate as part of the decision-making process.

Dean Charles H. King Full-Tuition Scholarship  The Dean Charles H. King Scholars Program is available to as many as 20 incoming students who have outstanding academic records and who have performed similarly well on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).  Criteria for consideration include a minimum UGPA of 3.75 and an LSAT score of 162 or higher.  In addition to being provided a full-tuition scholarship that has a three-year value of approximately $110,000, King Scholars participate in a variety of special events and courses that add breadth, depth, and increased opportunities for professional development.

Faculty Scholarship ($30,000 to full tuition) The College of Law will award as many as 35 Faculty Scholarships to members of the 2015 entering class.  These renewable awards will be given to admitted candidates who have achieved an undergraduate GPA of 3.65 or higher and an LSAT score of 158 or higher.

Academic Excellence Scholarship ($18,500 to $28,500 per academic year)  As many as 40 Academic Excellence Scholarships will be provided to incoming students who have established records of academic accomplishment with corresponding performance on the LSAT. Criteria for consideration include a UGPA of 3.30 or higher and an LSAT score of 155 or higher.

Alumni Academic Scholarship (awards vary up to $18,500 per academic year)  The Alumni Academic Scholarship will be given to incoming students whose credentials suggest that they have the ability to achieve significant academic performance in their legal studies at MSU Law.  As many as 35 of these renewable awards will be provided to incoming students.  Criteria for consideration include a minimum UGPA of 3.00 and an LSAT score of 155.

Trustee Full-Tuition and Partial-Tuition Scholarships   Trustee Scholarships are provided to incoming students whose personal and professional backgrounds will contribute to a richer diversity within the student body and, as attorneys, to the legal profession.  In considering admitted candidates for a Trustee Scholarship the Committee focuses on information contained in the personal statement and resume, academic accomplishment, and performance on the LSAT.  A maximum of 25 Trustee Scholarships will be awarded to members of the incoming class.

Scholarship Renewal Information

The College of Law, when providing renewable awards to incoming students, fully expects that all recipients are capable of achieving and maintaining the required GPA for renewal.  View prior-year scholarship retention and renewal information.

Scholarship Awards Available to Second-Year Law Students

MSU Law provides a guaranteed scholarship to students who excel academically in the first year of legal study.  Awards of half, three-quarter, and full-tuition are provided automatically to students who achieve a 1L GPA of 3.50 or higher:

  • A student who achieves a grade-point average of 3.80 after 24 credit hours in the first year will be provided a full-tuition scholarship;
  • A student whose GPA at the end of 24 credit hours is between a 3.70 and 3.79 will be provided a scholarship equivalent to 75 percent of tuition;
  • A student whose GPA at the end of 24 credit hours is between a 3.50 and 3.69 will be provided a scholarship equivalent to 50 percent of tuition.

The Scholarship Program makes the value of an MSU legal education that much more robust. Past recipients of awards, being free of significant debt, have been able to consider a wider range of post-graduation employment opportunities.

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