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Our mediation curriculum is unparalleled and offers extensive opportunities for students to develop both advocacy and mediation skills.

The curriculum begins with a General Civil Mediation course.  Open to 2Ls and 3Ls, the course provides the foundational skills and is taught in an intensive five-day course.  The twelve 2Ls will continue on to take the Domestic Relations course, an advanced mediation training providing students with an additional 60 hours of simulation and intensive skills building.  2Ls completing the two-course sequence are then eligible for selection to the mediation competition team. These students serve as coaches during the Civil and Domestic Relations Courses and compete in the regional and international mediation competitions.  

The goal of our mediation curriculum is to provide the foundational communications skills necessary for mediation and mediation advocacy.  Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. Students serving on the mediation team achieve exceptional levels of skill placing them years ahead of most practitioners and their counterparts at other law schools. 

2L students interested in the 2-course sequence interview during the Spring Semester.

3L students interested in the General Civil course also interview during the Spring Semester.  Information will be communicated via the events e-mail, and posters throughout the law college. 

For more information see:

Mediation FAQs

Or contact Professor Pappas at 517-432-6979 or to be placed on the interview list. 

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