Gabrielle Boyer

2016 | Belleville

University of Michigan| Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Political Science and Government

"Unlike regular classes, (in the clinics) you are hands-on in the field. What you write, think and do matters. It is an invaluable experience.”

Gabrielle Boyer chose MSU College of Law’s First Amendment Clinic because she wanted to teach high school students. “Unlike regular classes, you are hands-on in the field,” she said. “What you write, think and do matters. It is an invaluable experience.”

Each week Gabrielle teaches High School Students about legal issues that arise out of the First Amendment. “Additionally I participate in the High School FOIA project where we determine school practices for student speech,” she said. “I also draft legal memoranda about privacy law.”

She described the clinic environment as friendly and collaborative. She works with a partner, whom she teaches with every week. “We spend roughly 12 hours together working on clinic materials and teaching,” she said. “We’ve taught social media law to middle school students who were not quite thinking about things that they would post online. They were happy to know what they could and could not publish on Facebook.”

Gabrielle credits the teaching experience as good practice in breaking down information, synthesizing it, and presenting it. “This is an invaluable skill to have in the courtroom,” she said.