Corinne Miller

Attorney at Childs McCune LLC

2014 | Denver, CO

University of Portland | Political Science and Criminal Justice

“The professors actually care about us. They are always available in their office, and several have offered their home or cell numbers so you can contact them whenever you need assistance.”

What is your experience with MSU Law?
The amount of hands-on programs and the faculty are great strengths. Being able to learn the law through practice is invaluable experience. Additionally, the professors make a connection with students and take time, knowledge, and expertise to teach us.

Describe your relationship with fellow classmates and faculty.
The professors actually care about us. They were always available in their office, and several offered their home or cell numbers so you could contact them whenever you need assistance. One professor in particular sent an e-mail about something in the media related to our class topic. It said, “It will not be on the exam or the Bar. It will make you a better informed lawyer.” I was thrilled a professor would be so dedicated. They care about us and make that clear constantly though their actions.

Describe your experience in the Geoffrey Fieger Trial Practice Institute (TPI) program.
TPI was my favorite thing about law school. It is the reason I moved to Michigan from Washington State, and why I am so passionate about the university. I gained experience through the assistance of lawyers from the best firms in Michigan and Michigan judges who are invested in us. By the end of the program, I will know how to run a civil and criminal case start to finish.

Tell us about your involvement in Moot Court and Law Review. How has participation in these organizations contributed to your education or employment?
Moot Court and the Michigan State Law Review had a tremendous impact on my writing abilities. I worked with others to create a product that was the result of months of research, organization, cooperation, and writing. I learned about specialized areas of the law when writing a brief for Moot Court or preparing an article for law review publication. I got a job through an inquiry that specifically wanted a law review member, and have written dozens of briefs in practice that have been submitted to the court for consideration..

What does the MSU name mean for your legal education?
No matter where you end up after law school, you will find alumni who are dedicated to MSU and can serve as contacts. MSU has a phenomenal reputation, and the law school has been gaining significant media attention for our unique, hands-on academic program.