Sarah Primrose

Law Clerk, Chief Judge Paul Hyman, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Florida

2012 | West Palm Beach, FL

Penn State University| History

“Writing is a huge part of my job and I was able to practice, improve, and showcase my writing as a student at Michigan State.”

Michigan State made sense for Sarah Primrose. “Financially it was a great option because of the generous scholarships offered by the school. I wanted to have freedom in my choice of career following graduation by avoiding debt,” she said. “My decision was solidified after visiting for accepted student day. I connected with both the current students and the faculty.  The professors are very helpful, knowledgeable, and approachable. East Lansing is a great place to live as well.”

Sarah took a variety of courses during law school, which she found very advantageous. “Although I am clerking for a bankruptcy judge, issues regarding criminal law, family law, trusts and estates law, securities law, and corporate law still arise,” she said. “I also took several courses with a focus on writing. Writing is a huge part of my job and I was able to practice, improve, and showcase my writing as a student at Michigan State.”

Sarah uses her degree every day. “In fact, a J.D. is required for a federal clerkship. My education prepared me to analyze the arguments of litigating parties and to research the applicable law in an efficient and thorough manner. I enjoy helping resolve disputes in a neutral and fair manner.”

She recommends that prospective law students be passionate, hardworking, and flexible. “I have known that I wanted to be an attorney since I was 8 years old,” she said. “What I didn’t know was what kind of law I wanted to practice. Law school was helpful in providing me the opportunity to explore numerous areas of law. During the summer after my first year of law school, I focused on criminal law while working at the Delaware Attorney General’s office. During my second summer, I was a Summer Associate at a firm with practice branches in every area of law except criminal law. I learned a lot from both experiences.”

In addition to all her scholastic accomplishments, during law school Sarah bought a house that she fixed up and lived in for three years. “I recently sold it, but it was a lot of fun having a house that I could make my own. It was a good investment,” she said.