Enrico Sartori

Trainee Lawyer at Legance – Avvocati Associati

2019 | Milano, Lombardy, Italy

University of Trento Law School

“I’ve met a lot of hardworking and dedicated students whom I really respect.”

For many international students, a US degree offers both professional and personal benefits. These students are able to expand their language skills and establish a network with people from another continent. LL.M candidate Enrico Sartori left Italy in pursuit of those advantages and more when he arrived at Michigan State University College of Law to earn an international education in business law.

“I definitely wanted to have an international experience in a country which is often on the front row when it comes to business law,” he said.

In Italy, Sartori attended law school at the University of Trento, which has an exchange program with MSU. After learning about the university and the welcoming culture of the Midwest, he made the decision to attend MSU Law.

“I’ve met a lot of hardworking and dedicated students whom I really respect,” Sartori said. “I am also impressed by the availability of the professors and the university staff, and by their genuine passion for helping students.”

Sartori recognizes the connection between business and law and the benefits of a formal education in both. He cultivated his interest in commercial law at the University of Trento, and even wrote his thesis on corporate governance of corporations listed on an alternative investment stock market. At MSU Law, he’s gaining an understanding of the American legal system and society, and how problems are addressed here, as well as on the international level.

Students attracted to the business track of the legal field have various opportunities to further explore their passion through courses, student organizations, and more. Through the Business and Securities Law Institute, Sartori has found a community in which he can further develop his business law experience alongside other people interested in working in the same field.

“I’d like to work in the field of business law, whether as a lawyer or as a consultant,” he said. “I am ready to bet I will work somewhere in Europe, but I am not sure whether it will be Italy or somewhere else.”

To succeed as a law student, especially abroad, Sartori emphasizes the importance of being surrounded by good, supportive friends, “It can make all the difference.”