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Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law

All lawyers must understand the fundamental principles of the Constitution to serve as stewards of the law. Students pursuing careers in civil rights law, government, or the judiciary will benefit from this focus area's in-depth study of topics including federalism, separation of powers, due process, equal protection, and freedom of expression and religion.

The Civil Rights Clinic provides representation in federal courts for prisoners incarcerated in Michigan. The First Amendment Law Clinic represents student journalists on free speech issues, and its clinicians provide First Amendment workshops to local high school journalism programs.

Mae Kuykendall

Professor of Law

Professor Kuykendall teaches extensively in the area of Constitutional Law, and she is known for bringing her depth of knowledge and sense of humor into the classroom. She is a leading thinker and frequent media contributor on contemporary innovations in marriage law.

Michael Lawrence

Professor of Law

Professor Lawrence teaches a range of Constitutional Law topics at MSU Law, and has lectured on American law at universities around the world. He has participated in high-profile briefs before the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as authoring articles and op-eds for law reviews and major newspapers.

Frank Ravitch

Professor of Law & Walter H. Stowers Chair of Law and Religion

“It’s a real benefit for students when you can knock on your professor’s office door and know that you’ll be welcomed in.”

Professor Ravitch’s career has ranged from private practice to Capitol Hill. He is a national expert on law and religion, and has published extensively on these topics.

Kevin Saunders

Professor of Law & The Charles Clarke Chair in Constitutional Law

Professor Saunders is an expert in First Amendment and media law topics, such as violence, obscenity, and hate speech. He has testified about media effects on children before U.S. House and Senate committees. He also directs MSU Law’s honors program, the King Scholars.