MSU College of Law

Public Interest Law

Students who plan to obtain judicial clerkships, government employment, public interest jobs, or represent clients in heavily-regulated industries should consider focusing on public law and regulation. Public law litigation routinely involves regulatory, interpretive and constitutional issues (often within a single case). This focus area provides students interested in public law with a sophisticated understanding of the entire process.

One of MSU Law’s most active student groups is the Public Interest Law Society, which hosts community education programs, provides scholarship aid to students pursuing public interest externships, and helps students gain employment and experience in public law fields.

Assistant Professor of Law

Professor Sant’Ambrogio’s research and teaching explores decision-making by federal agencies in an era of burgeoning responsibilities, declining budgets, and enhanced presidential control. Prior to entering academia, he represented plaintiffs in federal class action suits seeking public benefits program reform.

Professor of Law & The A.J. Thomas Faculty Scholar

Professor Staszewski was a trial attorney in the Federal Programs Branch of the Civil Division of the U.S. Department of Justice before joining the Michigan State University College of Law faculty. His teaching focuses on administrative law, democratic accountability, and legislation.

Administrative Law 3
Admiralty Law 2-3
Advanced Topics in Indian Law 2-3
Air Pollution & Law 2
Antitrust Law 2
Bill of Rights Seminar 2
Bioethics 2
Canadian Charter of Rights 2
Civil Rights Seminar 2
Communications Law 2
Comparative Constitutional Law 2-3
Constitutional Law Topics: Free Expression 2
Constitutional Theory Seminar 2
Courts & Social Policy 2
Disability Law 2
Education Law 2
Elder Law 2
Election Law 2
Employment Law 3
Employment Discriminiation Law 3
Environmental Law 3
Externship (DC Externship or as approved) 3
Federal Indian Law 3
Federal Jurisdiction 3
Food and Drug Law 2
Hazardous Waste Law 3
Health Care Fraud & Abuse 2
Health Care Law 3
Immigration Law 2
Insurance Law 2
International Trade Remedies 3
Introduction to American Jurisprudence 2
Jurisprudence 2
Labor Law 3
Law and Economics 2
Law and Religion 2
Leadership, Power & Responsibility 2
Legislation 3
Legislative Drafting 2
Natural Resources Law 2
Public Employment Labor Law 2
Public Health Law 2
Regulated Industries 3
Securities Litigation Seminar 2
Securities Regulation 3
State & Local Government 2
State Constitutional Law 2
Tribal Judiciaries and Taxation of Indigenous Peoples 3
Water Law 2
Wetlands Protection Law 2
Workers’ Compensation 2