Develop Expertise

The legal profession has incredible range and impact. It connects to virtually every aspect of our lives and relationships. We encourage MSU Law students to consider breadth of knowledge when choosing courses, but no law student can master every subject area within the law in three years.

Focus areas and certifications will help you to develop a deep knowledge of a single area of practice, so once you have a sense of what kind of law you’re interested in, consider specializing.

You’re not required to pick a particular area of study in your legal education, but immersing yourself in a practice area can help you stand out to prospective employers. Developing expertise while you’re a student can prepare you to contribute to your workplace once you graduate, rather than having to learn everything on the job.

13 Focus Areas. Endless Possibilities.

MSU Law's focus areas incorporate learning inside and outside of the classroom – focused coursework, externships, laboratories, clinics, and research opportunities with leading faculty in those fields. From emerging growth areas in the legal market to established (and employable) practice specialties, we’ll provide the knowledge base you need to succeed.

Customize your experience in our 13 focus areas and certification opportunities, as well as in our Centers and Institutes.