MSU College of Law

Part-Time Flex Program

Interested a law degree, but unable to take classes full-time? Consider MSU Law’s part-time flex program.

Many of our flex-time students have family obligations, health issues, or professional commitments that prevent their full-time enrollment. Other students live outside of the greater Lansing area, and need to commute to campus. Whatever the reason, we know that not everyone can be a full-time student.

Incoming flex-time students are admitted alongside full-time students, and face the same admissions criteria as full-time students.

Most flex-time students complete the required 88 credit hours needed for graduation within 4-6 years, taking 8-12 credits per semester in the fall and spring semesters and 0-4 credits during the summers.*

Students in our flex program map out a schedule based on their personal circumstances, typically clustering classes in a two- or three-day school week instead of the traditional five-day week for students in the full-time program. Though all required classes meet during the weekday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., many electives are offered after 5:00 p.m., Monday-Thursday.

Different schedules. Same opportunities. Flex-time students can still choose to participate in externships, clinics, journals, and student organizations with their full-time classmates. Flex-time students also are eligible for all types of scholarship aid and federal loan programs (based on at least half-time enrollment).

Sample flex-time schedules:

Fall Semester - Year One
Civil Procedure (4 cr)
Contracts (4 cr)
Foundations of Law (0 cr)
Research, Writing and Analysis (2 cr)

Spring Semester – Year One
Advocacy (2 cr)
Criminal Law (3 cr)
Constitutional Law and the Regulatory State (4 cr)

Summer Semester – Year One
Externship (4 cr)

Fall Semester – Year Two
Torts (4 cr)
Property (4 cr)
Contract Negotiation (1 cr)
Elective (2-4 cr)

Spring Semester – Year Two
Constitutional Law 1 (2 cr)
Criminal Law (3 cr)
Elective (2-4 cr)

Summer Semester – Year Two
Advanced Legal Research or Externship (2-4 cr)

*Students enrolled less than part-time may enroll on a full-time basis after completing the necessary forms.  Students have up to 7 calendar years to complete all graduation requirements.