MSU College of Law

Indigenous Law & Policy Center

The Indigenous Law and Policy Center is the heart of the Indigenous Law Program at the College of Law. The directors of the Center are members of the faculty, teaching both indigenous and traditional law school curriculum. In addition, the Center has a full time staff attorney, who works closely with the students in the Center class and on projects for Center clients.

The Indigenous Law & Policy Center provides experienced and inexpensive legal services to tribal governments in an effort to assist them in attaining their judicial and governmental goals. The Center also provides research and occasional papers for use by other attorneys working on behalf of tribal governments.

The Center is the host of the annual Indigenous Law Conference at MSU College of Law. Speakers from around the country come to MSU Law to discuss issues of indigenous justice systems, tribal sovereignty and tribal constitutions. Finally, the Center hosts speakers throughout the year who have published books or articles on different aspects of indigenous law.

As part of its educational mission, the Center also provides the experiential learning class for 2nd and 3rd year law students. Students research and write on behalf of tribal government clients, and also research and draft occasional papers, which will be available on the Center’s website. For tribal governments, the Center has worked with tribal courts and drafted tribal codes. The occasional papers provide background research and strong legal analysis of critical issues of federal and tribal law facing tribal advocates in Indian Country, federal courts and elsewhere.