MSU College of Law

Confidential Information Restriction and Release Authorization

  1. Directory Information Restriction

    Students have the right to restrict the release of Directory Information.

    If a student does not want his or her name, address, or phone number published, the student must block the release of that information by providing written authorization in order to have any Directory Information restricted or released.

    Students must complete a "Confidential Information Restriction Request Form" to add or remove restrictions. The form is also available in the forms kiosk outside the Registrar's Office (309).

    Michigan State University College of Law reserves the right to release the following student information: name; local address; telephone number; e-mail address; home address and phone number; enrollment status and dates of attendance; program level, class, major; current term candidacy for degree; recognized campus organizations and teams; degrees earned; special awards and recognition given; and information required by the Michigan Board of Law Examiners and bar exam officials of other states.

  2. Directory Information Restriction Levels

    The Directory Information restriction levels are as follows:

    • All (restrict everything – including MSU E-mail address)
    • Local address
    • Local phone number
    • Permanent address
    • Home phone number
    • Academic status (major, level, class)
    • Attendance (current or prior enrollment)
    • Awards and Honors (degrees earned, jurisprudence awards, graduation honors)
    • MSU E-mail address

    Directory Information restrictions submitted to the Office of the Registrar will be in effect within twenty-four (24) hours with the exception of MSU e-mail directory which will be in effect within seven (7) working days. Restrictions will remain in effect until you request cancellation in writing by submitting a new form to the Registrar's Office.

  3. Deciding which Directory Information to Restrict

    Students must consider carefully the consequences of deciding to withhold Directory Information. If a student decides that MSU should NOT release any of these items of information, future requests for such information from persons or organizations (prospective employers, scholarship opportunities, etc.) will be refused, regardless of the effect on the student, and the University assumes no liability for honoring the student's written request.


    • If a student requests that ALL Directory Information be restricted an employer cannot verify any Directory Information for the student.
    • MSU and College of Law departments often request Directory Information for administrative purposes. Students who restrict Directory Information could miss out on great programs and resources.