MSU College of Law

Credit/No Credit Grading Option

  1. Credit Hour Limitation

    Students may elect to register for no more than two (2) elective offerings, with a maximum of five (5) total credits hours (or six (6) total credit hours for approved graduate level courses that are taken pursuant to the rule under "Visiting Other Colleges, MSU Colleges, and ABA Law Schools") to be graded on a Credit/No Credit rather than a letter grade basis.

  2. Requirements and Rules

    1. Students who sign up for more than the maximum credits available under the Credit/No Credit option will have the course that exceeds the maximum credits graded.
    2. The election must be made directly with the Registrar. Students must complete the Credit/No Credit Grading Option Request available in the form kiosk outside of the Registrar's Office (309) or online and submit it to the Registrar's Office.
    3. It is not available for required courses, directed study, or for a course taken to satisfy a concentration, certificate program, or Upper Level Writing Requirement (ULWR) (Students entering Fall 2011-Spring 2016 with a first-year cumulative grade point average below 2.50 are reminded that they must take an additional 14 credit hours of required courses.)
    4. Courses offered only on a Pass/Fail basis, such as Moot Court and externships and make-up examination grades fall outside the scope of this rule.
    5. An election to take or retract a decision to take a course on a Credit/No Credit basis may be made no later than the last day of classes or before a final exam is distributed, including take- home exams, whichever is earlier. Example: Students cannot elect credit/no credit once finals have begun.
    6. A student must receive a minimum passing grade of "C" or better in order to receive the grade of "CR" (credit). If a student receives a grade of "C –" or below then a grade of "NC" (no credit) will be granted for the course.
  3. Notice to Graduating Students

    We strongly caution students in their last semester against electing credit/no credit grading. Receiving a grade of "C–" (C minus) or below for a course taken in the last semester on a credit/no credit option would mean the student would not receive credit for the course and therefore may fail to meet credit requirements for graduation.