MSU College of Law

Mission Statement

The mission of the Michigan State University College of Law is to provide a rigorous educational program which prepares a diverse community of students to be national and international leaders in private legal practice, business and industry, government service, and legal education. The Law College defines its mission drawing on a century of service, its contemporary association with a major research institution, Michigan State University, and a common commitment by these institutions to broad educational access, scholarly excellence, and service to society.

The Law College teaches core legal skills, supplemented with academic concentrations, programmatic initiatives, and scholarly research and exchanges. The educational program of the College teaches and reinforces the ethical core of good lawyering, the values of professionalism and service, the art of client representation and trial advocacy, and the understanding of legal principles, private rights, and public policy.

The Law College strives to continuously strengthen academic quality in all programs and activities of the College. The College is committed to fostering flexible opportunities for professional growth, innovation, research, and scholarship by the faculty. The Faculty is committed to excellence in instruction, to making significant contributions to legal research, and to engaging in public service and community outreach. The staff is committed to providing necessary service, support, and creativity.

The Law College emphasizes preservation of its century of values and educational heritage, while seeking sound innovation through a flexible and creative program of academic growth, development, and opportunity. The College fosters an environment of trust, collegiality, and inclusion for faculty, students, and staff. The College and its affiliated communities reach beyond the status quo by developing, adopting, and implementing policies and programs congruent with the College's mission.