MSU Short Term Loans for Law Students

Short Term Loans are available to MSU Law students via StuInfo.

Loans will be made ONLY for educational necessities such as:

  • tuition, fees
  • room and board
  • academic supplies
  • and other educational expenses

Requests are limited to $1,500 and will be granted for appropriate term expenses. Please see the loan application for more information on repayment terms and conditions.

As of Fall 2020, the College’s Cash Advance program has been replaced by the University’s Short Term Loan (STL) program. Students, please note that the application requires different information than the application process for cash advances permitted in previous semesters. Repayment will NOT be automatically deducted from student financial aid refunds, as students will need to independently repay the loans. Repayment made by credit card will be subject to the University’s credit card convenience fee of 2.5%. Repayment made by ACH payment is free.

Questions? Please contact Accounting at