Tuition & Fees

(Effective as of Fall Semester 2019)

Application Fee $60.00

Tuition $1,555.00 per credit hour1 9 or less credits
$22,800.00 10-17 credits

Admission Deposit $700.00

Audited Courses $777.50 per credit

Late Enrollment Fees (FS19)
Monday, July 22, 2019 ($50.00)
Monday, August 26, 2019 ($100.00)
Monday, September 16, 2019 ($200.00)

Late Payment Fee2 $25.00

Installment Payment Fee $10.00

Finance Charge
If you defer tuition and any related charges, you will be assessed a finance charge of 7.9% per year on any unpaid balance.  However, there is no finance charge assessed on unpaid housing charges.

COGS (Council of Graduate Students) Tax $11.00/semester (Fall/Spring)
$5.00/semester (Summer)

State News Tax $5.00

RWA Lab Fee $200.00
(charged to students taking RWA I)

All of the charges above are subject to change without notice.


The application, seat deposit and late registration fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

Refund Schedule

Fall 2019 Semester
100% Refund through September 8, 2019
No Refund on or after September 9, 2019

Withdrawals with Federal Aid

Students with Federal Aid that withdraw from school are subject to a special calculation of the amount of Federal Aid that the school must return to the lender.
During the first 60% of an enrollment period, the school must return a Pro Rata amount of the student Federal Aid to the lender.  If the student withdraws after 60% of the payment period or period of enrollment, no monies will be returned to the lender.
The Financial Aid Office will return any funds not earned to the appropriate lender and a new Financial Aid Award Letter will be mailed to the student.  The Accounting Office performs withdrawal calculations.

Financial Obligations

Students are expected to meet their financial obligations to the MSU College of Law when they are due.  So long as the student is indebted to MSU Law, no transcript will be issued, no registration will be processed and no certification will be forwarded to any external organization, including Bar Admission Boards, that degree requirements have been completed.

1 Since current entering students must graduate with 88 credit hours, the average charge per semester is $22,800.00 for full-time students.

2 Late fees are charged after payment deadlines have passed. Payment schedules.