Checklist for the Law School Application Process

The following checklist is offered by the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) and the staff of the MSU Law Admissions Office.

  • Thoroughly prepare for the LSAT. Preparation for the LSAT should include use of official LSAT prep books.   You may find it helpful to review our LSAT Prep Guide.
  • Develop a plan for researching law schools, with attention to application deadlines for admission and financial aid. A valuable resource in learning more about law school approved by the American Bar Association is the Official Guide to US Law Schools, which is updated annually.
  • Register for the LSAT and sign up for LSAC's Credential Assembly Service (CAS). Register for these services online. (You need not register for the Credential Assembly Service at the same time you register for the LSAT; however, you should register long before your first law school application deadline.)
  • MSU Law and many other law schools require or recommend that the LSAT be taken by December for admission the following fall. However, taking the test earlier—in June or September/October—is often advised. The deadline for applying to admission at MSU Law is April 30; however, priority consideration for both admission and scholarship assistance is given to candidates who apply on or before March 1.
  • Test date or location changes can be made easily through your account.
  • Obtain your LSAT Admission Ticket (online or by mail).
  • Arrange for official transcripts to be sent to LSAC. Request forms are available at your account.
  • Ask recommenders to write letters and to send them to LSAC or directly to the law schools (as specified by each school). Specify recommender and print letter request forms from your account.
  • Take the LSAT.
  • Obtain your LSAT score by e-mail and view your answer sheet, score conversion table, and test book (for disclosed tests only) in your account. (E-mail score reporting is free for LSAC online account holders.)
  • View your Academic Summary Report in your account once all US/Canadian undergraduate transcripts have been summarized.
  • Apply to MSU Law and other law schools electronically ( account). Once you have applied, law schools will then request your Credential Assembly Service law school report from LSAC. Upon receipt of your application, the Admissions staff at MSU Law will send an email informing you that your application is being processed and will provide you with a link and passwords to an online account through which you can monitor the status of your application.