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MSU College of Law

Exploring and Planning for Law School:  Expert Advice for First- and Second-Year College Students



This webinar will serve as a road map for college first- and second-year students who are considering law school.  Three highly experienced pre-law advisors and a veteran dean of admissions will provide a wealth of insights and a series of recommendations, followed by a 15-minute Q and A session in which webinar participants will be able to ask questions.  Topics will include the following:

  • Courses and skills that can provide a strong foundation for success in law school
  • Suggestions for learning about legal careers options
  • Strategies to position yourself for admission and scholarship opportunities at the law schools of your choice
  • Recommendations for learning about the costs and returns of a legal education
  • A timeline for preparing for and applying to law school

Our Expert Presenters

Kevin Freeman is Pre-Law Advisor and Program Manager for the Politics, Society and Law Scholars Program at The Ohio State University.
Allyson Lowe is Pre-Law Advisor and Interim Dean of the College of Leadership and Social Change at Carlow University.
Karen Severn is Coordinator of Prelaw and PrePharmacy Advising at Texas A & M University.
Charles Roboski is assistant dean of admissions and financial aid at Michigan State University College of Law.

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