MSU College of Law

Insiders' Guide to Gaining Admission and Scholarship Aid at U.S. Law Schools

Tuesday, June 20, 7:30 to 8:15 p.m., EST

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This webinar will provide suggestions and a list of action items that prospective law school applicants can take in order to maximize the likelihood of admission and scholarship aid at U.S. law schools. Topics to be addressed include:

  • Factors that are important to law school admission and scholarship committees
  • Guidance for crafting your personal statement, diversity statement, and supplemental statement
  • Suggestions for tailoring your resume and obtaining helpful letters of recommendation
  • The optimal timeline for preparing and submitting law school application materials


Alicia Lane is senior assistant director of admissions at Michigan State University College of Law.  She joined the Admissions Office staff in 2015 after a 12-year career as a prosecutor and she assists prospective law students at each stage of the exploration and planning process for law school.

Charles Roboski is a veteran dean of law school admissions, having served as a director or dean of admissions at six law schools.  He has worked with admission committees at a range of law schools and has reviewed more than 50,000 applications for admission in his career as a law school admissions professional. Dean Roboski was appointed dean of admissions at Michigan State Law in 2008.

Justin Williams is assistant director of admissions at Michigan State University College of Law.  He counsels prospective law school students in all phases of the enrollment process, from the first-year college student to those who are assembling admission materials to those who have been offered admission. 

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