Housing Options & Finding a Roommate

Michigan State law students have a variety of housing options from which to choose.

  • Single students interested in the convenience of on-campus housing should consider Owen Residence Hall -- a two-minute walk from the Law College. Each year, approximately 100 law students choose to live in Owen.  Complete and submit the Owen Hall application early, as space is limited!
  • University apartment housing is available for both single and married students.  Apply early, as space is limited!
  • MSU is home to nearly 50,000 students, with a wide variety of off-campus housing options in East Lansing, Lansing, and Okemos.  Refer to the Law College Housing Guide for a listing of the more popular (and larger) apartment complexes where many MSU Law students choose to live.

Single students are strongly encouraged to minimize expenses by having one or several roommates. Over the course of three years at MSU Law, it's possible to save as much as $10,000 by having a roommate(s).  Access our resources for finding a roommate(s).

Law College Housing Guide (PDF) »   This guide has been prepared by MSU Law admissions staff and includes a cross section of housing options frequently chosen by law students. Each listing includes links to the apartment complex, information regarding distance to campus, and the CATA bus route from the apartment to the Law College.

MSU's Off-Campus Housing Office is another source of information for off-campus housing options. Learn more.

University Housing

1855 Apartments

On-campus housing options include 1855, a university-owned apartment complex which opened in August 2017.  1855 apartments are available for single and married students, come fully furnished, and have a lease for the academic year.