Summer Career Jumpstart

Law school is a uniquely competitive experience. You are surrounded by similarly intelligent peers, the pacing is much faster than undergrad, and the competitive nature of the curve and the importance of grades on some legal employment opportunities often jars many new law students. Because of this, the Career Services Office (CSO) encourages you to focus as much of your time during the first semester getting acclimated to law school. This will leave little time for career development and the job search: two very important aspects of your personal growth as a budding lawyer.

In order to free up some of your time during fall semester, we invite you to complete as many components of the Summer Career Jumpstart (SCJ) as possible through the end of June, July, and beginning of August. These tasks and assignments are ones that we ask all 1Ls to have completed in the fall, but by doing them over the summer, you will give yourself a competitive advantage with more time to focus on studies.

CSO Sidebars

We invite you to attend one or all of the following Zoom meetings. The Sidebars are open forums for you to ask career services related questions to the staff of the CSO. Incoming 1Ls, 2Ls, and 3Ls are all invited to attend.

Submit questions in advance to guarantee time for responses by clicking here.  

Password for Zoom meetings = SCJsidebar

Career-Related Tasks

The tasks associated with the Summer Career Jumpstart Program will be delivered in more detail via email. Our pacing will guide you to complete the tasks in digestible chunks totaling only 10-15 hours over the entire summer.

To preview what is ahead, by participating in the SCJ, you will:

  • Create or revamp your LinkedIn profile to expand your network (June),
  • Take the Attorney Assessment to learn about your strengths, weaknesses, and natural tendencies while addressing how those may impact your career path (July),
  • Conduct prompted market research to gain realistic expectations of the legal employment landscape (July),
  • Draft your first legal resume (July), and
  • Log in to CASE and learn basic functions of its job bank, appointment scheduler, and event registration. (August).