Virtual Visit

Congratulations on your admission and welcome to the Spartan nation!

Our Virtual Visit will help you meet the people and programs who will be important to your law school success story. You’ll learn about our Academic Success Program and Career Services Office, hear from students and faculty about the MSU Law experience, and get tips about preparing financially for your 1L year. You will also “tour” the MSU Law building and learn more about the opportunities that await you here.

While we can’t cover everything in a virtual visit, we hope this will give you a taste of the MSU Law experience!

See you in August!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the MSU Law family! Some quick announcements:

  1. The RWA Specialty Section Request form will be available after the April 20th deposit deadline. Information will be emailed to you.
  2. The final seat deposit is due June 1st (unless otherwise noted in your admission packet).
  3. From May-August, we will be hosting a Spartan Spirit Contest. Watch for information about how to show your Spartan spirit and win prizes!
  4. We will email you regularly, so please check all folders (i.e. spam, junk, promotional, etc.). Haven’t received an email from our office in 3+ weeks? Please reach out!
  5. Keep checking the Admitted Students webpage for IMPORTANT UPDATES. Other than email, this will be the best place to find information! 

Questions? Call (517) 432-0222 or email us at

If you haven’t already received your MSU Law t-shirt from our office (a gift from us to you), please fill out this form. You can pick up your shirt from our office during Immersion Week (Orientation) in August.


We cannot wait to have you as part of the MSU Law family this fall. Stay safe and healthy out there!