Virtual Visit Day

Congratulations on your admission and welcome to the Spartan nation!

Whether you are not able to join us for a visit to campus or you’ve been to campus but want to take another look, our Virtual Visit Day program is set up to help you meet the important people and programs who will be part of your law school success story. You will learn about our Academic Success Program and Career Services Office, hear from students and faculty about the MSU Law experience, and get tips about how to prepare financially for your 1L year. You will also get to see the MSU Law building and learn more about the opportunities for you here.

While we could not cover everything in this virtual visit, we hope this will give you a feel for some of the highlights of the MSU Law experience. Watch the videos below to learn more!

Office of Student Engagement »

Diversity and Equity Services Office »

Don’t see the information you’re looking for? Email us with questions and we’ll point you to the right resources.

Want to schedule a visit to campus to see all this in person? Register for a visit.