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DCL Plaza and Legacy Scholarship Donors

Special thanks to our generous donors for their commitment to make this vision a reality:

Founders ($100,000 and Above)

Prof. Emeritus Clark C. Johnson, LL.D. ’02

President Emeritus Clif Haley, ’61, and Mrs. Carolyn A. Haley

Mr. Peter J. Lucido, ’88, and Mrs. Ann Marie Lucido

Trustee Emeritus David J. Sparrow, ’51

Ambassadors ($10,000 to $99,999)

Ida and Benjamin Alpert Foundation

Hon. Marianne O. Battani, ’72

Ms. Christine M. Battle, ’86, and Mr. Timothy E. Battle

Mr. Leon D. Bess, ’63, and Mrs. Debby Bess

Mr. Donald F. Carney Jr., ’76, and Mrs. Jacqueline M. Carney

Mr. Robert E. Carr, ’88

Mr. Timothy J. Conroy, ’58, and Mrs. Janet P. Conroy

Justice Emeritus Alton T. Davis, ’74, and Mrs. Sandra K. Davis

Mr. Edward C. Dawda, ’77, and Mrs. Alice I. Buckley, ’79

Mr. Ronald A. Deneweth, ’77, and Mrs. Mary L. Deneweth

Mr. Daniel J. Desmet, ’85

Ms. Joanne B. Faycurry, ’87

Hon. Charles M. Forster, ’62, and Mrs. Dianna Forster

Mr. Kim A. Gasior, ’85, and Mrs. Diane K. Gasior

President Emeritus Richard W. Heiss, ’63, and Mrs. Nancy J. Heiss

Mr. John W. Inhulsen, ’05, and Mrs. Monica C. Inhulsen, ’03

Trustee Jean P. Carl, ’68

Mr. Louis W. Kasischke, ’67, and Mrs. Sarah Kasischke

Trustee Charles E. Langton, ’87, and Mrs. Lisa A. Langton, ’88

Mr. Paul J. Lay, ’69, and Mrs. Carol L. Lay

Mr. Todd L. Levitt, ’92, and Mrs. Mary E. Levitt

Prof. Emeritus Edward J. Littlejohn, ’70

Mr. Jeffrey C. Littmann, ’84, and Mrs. Cynthia M. Littmann

Mr. Rodney M. Lockwood, ’33, and Mrs. Muriel Lockwood

Mr. Mayer Morganroth, ’54, and Mrs. Sheila Morganroth

Mrs. Kathryn L. Ossian, ’84, and Mr. James E. Linn

Prof. Kathleen E. Payne, ’77, and Mr. Jeffrey B. Goldsmith

Mr. Eric R. Sabree, ’96, and Mrs. Badriyyah Sabree

Mr. Chris W. Walker, ’90

Mr. Richard N. Wiener, ’76, and Mrs. Rajkumari M. Wiener

Ambassadors (Up to $9,999)

Class of 2013

Mr. Thomas R. Bowen, ’77, and Mrs. Kathleen A. Bowen

Ms. Tina Kashat Casoli and Mr. Daniel Casoli

Mr. Arthur L. Cutler II, ’00

Mrs. Allison L. Eicher, ’11, and Mr. Jason L. Eicher

Prof. David S. Favre and Mrs. Martha E. Favre

Mr. Morton Freed, ’61, and Mrs. Natalie C. Freed

Mr. Jerome A. Galante, ’81, and Mrs. Julie A. Galante

Mrs. Sarah E. Haigh and Mr. Jason Haigh

Prof. Michele L. Halloran and Mr. Robert W. Halloran

Mr. Mark F. Hayes, ’81, and Mrs. Marie E. Palumbo-Hayes

Ms. Janet Ann Hedin, ’83

Ms. April L. Jones and Ms. Olivia Jones

Mr. Thomas J. Kramer, ’86

Mr. Brett S. Polen

Ms. Janice K. Selberg, ’85

Ms. Maureen E. Thomas, ’86

Mr. Russel C. Wells, ’64, and Rev. Shirley L. Wells

Ms. Beth Wey and Mr. Terry Wey


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