MSU College of Law

DCL Plaza and Legacy Scholarship Donors

Special thanks to our generous donors for their commitment to make this vision a reality:

MSU Law Alumni Association

Pres. Emeritus Clif Haley, ’61 and Mrs. Carolyn A. Haley

Prof. Emeritus Clark C. Johnson, ’02

Mr. Peter J. Lucido, ’88 and Mrs. Ann Marie Lucido

Trustee David Sparrow, ’51†

Ida and Benjamin Alpert Foundation

Mrs. Claudia V. Babiarz, ’84 and Mr. Lawrence D. Leinweber

The Honorable Marianne O. Battani, ’72

Ms. Christine M. Battle, ’86 and Mr. Timothy E. Battle

Trustee Raymond R. Behan, ’60 and Lorraine Behan

Mr. Robert Berliner, ’61

Mr. Leon D. Bess,’63 and Mrs. Debby Bess

Mr. Kenneth E. Burchfield, ’73 and Mrs. Keven S. Burchfield

The Honorable James A. Callahan, '72, and Mrs. Stephanie Callahan

Professor Emeritus Donald F. Campbell, '61†

Trustee Jean Patricia Carl, ’68†

Mr. Donald Carney, Jr., ’76 and Mrs. Jacqueline M. Carney

Mr. Robert E. Carr, ’88

Mr. Ryan Clarkson, '05

Mr. Timothy J. Conroy, ’58 and Mrs. Janet P. Conroy

Justice Emeritus Alton T. Davis, ’74 and Mrs. Sandra K. Davis

Mr. Edward C. Dawda, ’77 and Mrs. Alice I. Buckley, ’79

Mr. Ronald A. Deneweth, ’77 and Mrs. Mary L. Deneweth

Mr. Daniel J. Desmet, ’85

Ms. Joanne B. Faycurry, ’87

The Honorable Sharon T. Finch, ’68

The Honorable Charles M. Forster, ’62 and Mrs. Dianna Forster

Mr. Kim A. Gasior, ’85 and Mrs. Diane K. Gasior

Mr. Thomas Guastello, ’70 and Ms. Susan M. Luch

President Emeritus Richard W. Heiss, ’63† and Mrs. Nancy J. Heiss

Dean Joan W. Howarth and Mrs. Carmen Estrada

Thomas W. James, '05 and Mrs. Angela M. James

Mr. Louis W. Kasischke, ’67 and Sandra Kasischke

The Honorable Kurt Kersten and Mrs. Lenore Kersten

Trustee Charles E. Langton, ’87 and Mrs. Lisa A. Langton, ’88

Mr. Paul J. Lay, ’69 and Mrs. Carol L. Lay

Trustee Emeritus Norman L. Lippitt, ’60 and Mrs. Patricia C. Lippitt

Prof. Emeritus Edward J. Littlejohn, ’70

Mr. Jeffrey C. Littmann, ’84 and Mrs. Cynthia M. Littmann

Mr. Rodney M. Lockwood, Sr., ’33 † and Mrs. Muriel Lockwood†

Trustee Cary S. McGehee, ’89

The Honorable David W. McKeague and Mrs. Nancy P. McKeague

Mr. Michael D. McLauchlan, ’85 and Mrs. Terrie A. McLauchlan

Trustee Mayer Morganroth, ’54 and Mrs. Sheila Morganroth

Mr. John O'Hair, '54, and Mrs. Barbara O'Hair

Mrs. Kathryn L. Ossian, ’84 and Mr. James E. Linn

Mr. Robert V. Parenti, ’51

Prof. Kathleen E. Payne, ’77 and Mr. Jeffrey B. Goldsmith

The Honorable David L. Porteous and Mrs. Joan L. Porteous

Mr. Eric R. Sabree, ’96 and Mrs. Badriyyah Sabree

Trustee Emeritus John F. Schaefer, ’69 and Mrs. Marta Schaefer

The Schnelz Family

Mr. Michael B. Serling, ’70

Mr. and Mrs. David Stone, ’76

President Emeritus Richard F. Suhrheinrich, ’63 and Mrs. Beverly J. Suhrheinrich

Mr. David M. Thomas, '81

Ms. Maureen E. Thomas, ’86

Mrs. Lori Ann Thornhill-Childress, ’93 and Mr. George Z. Childress

Mr. Stephen P. Vella, ’82 and Mrs. Nancy J. Vella

Mr. Chris W. Walker, ’90

Mr. Steven W. Wells, ’85 and Mrs. Lisa A. Stieler-Wells

Mr. Richard N. Wiener, ’76 and Mrs. Rajkumari M. Wiener

Mr. Amos E. Williams, ’86 & The Honorable Carole F. Youngblood, ’86 †

In Memory of The Honorable Carole F. Youngblood, ’86 †

Mr. Connell Alsup, ’90


Ms. Bettie K. Ball, ’90 and Mr. Patrick D. Ball, ’76

Mr. Karl R. Bennett, Jr., ’60

Mr. James F. Berkemeier, ’08

Ms. Erin E. Bowen, ’13

Mr. Thomas R. Bowen, ’77 and Mrs. Kathleen A. Bowen

Mr. Angus M. Campbell, ’84 and Mrs. Karen N. Campbell

Mrs. Tina Kashat Casoli and Mr. Daniel Casoli

Mr. Scott B. Cherrin, ’95

Mr. Edward J. Cibor, ’74 & Ms. Missy Neff

Class of 2013

Class of 2014

Class of 2015

Mr. John L. Cote, ’52 and Mrs. Joy Cote

Mr. Edward A. Courtney III, ’07

Mr. Arthur L. Cutler, II, ’00

Dawda, Mann, Mulcahy & Sadler, PC

Ms. Andrea E. Dolinsky, ’06

Mr. Steven A. Drakos, ’88 and Mrs. Teresa Drakos

Mrs. Allison L. Eicher, ’11 and Mr. Jason L. Eicher

Prof. David S. Favre and Mrs. Martha E. Favre

Ms. Mahbuba Fidda

Trustee Elaine Fieldman, ’76

Ms. Nina K. Fisk, ’14

Mr. Eric G. Flinn, ’78

Mr. James F. Ford, ’73

Mr. Morton Freed, ’61 and Mrs. Natalie C. Freed

Mr. Jerome A. Galante, ’81 and Mrs. Julie A. Galante, ’83

Mr. Fred A. Garon, ’55

Mr. Daniel S. Gerow, ’84 and Mrs. Paula M. Gerow

Ms. Terri L. Giampetroni, ’87

Ms. Ramona A. Green, ’84

Ms. Marciann M. Grzadzinski, ’91

Mrs. Sarah E. Haigh and Mr. Jason Haigh

Prof. Michele L. Halloran and Mr. Robert W. Halloran

Mrs. Melody B. Hasselback and Mr. Frederick L. Hasselback

Mr. Mark F. Hayes, ’81 and Mrs. Marie E. Palumbo-Hayes

Ms. Janet Ann Hedin, ’83

Ms. Anne M. Helgren, ’13

Mr. Robert S. Huth, Jr., ’89

Trustee Emeritus Edwin W. Jakeway, ’61 and Suzanne Jakeway

Ms. April L. Jones and Ms. Olivia Jones

Ms. Barbara J. Kennedy, ’95

Mr. Stephen L. Kinsley, ’66

Mr. Thomas J. Kramer, ’86

Mr. Donald A. Kuebler, ’66 and Mrs. Cheryl K. Kuebler

Mr. Justinian C. Lane, ’10

Dr. Michael J. Lang, ’00 and Mrs. Sarah K. Lang

Mr. Todd L. Levitt, '92, and Mrs. Mary Levitt

Trustee Emeritus Norman L. Lippitt, ’60 and Mrs. Patricia C. Lippitt

Mr. Brian T. Loughrin, ’97

Mrs. Florence J. Lytle, ’82

Mr. Brian C. Manoogian, ’75

Mr. Daniel E. Manville

Mr. Joshua T. McFarland, ’11

Ms. Ernestine R. McGlynn, ’76

The Honorable Beatrice K. Millender, ’87

Mr. Andrew T. Moore, ’12

Mrs. Naomi Gaynor Neilsen, ’96 and Mr. John L. Neilsen

Mrs. Andrea S. Nester, ’12

Mr. Edrick J. Overson, ’10

Mrs. Kimberly A. Owens Wise, ’96 and Mr. John E. Wise

Mr. Eric J. Pender, ’13

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Phillips, ’73

Mr. Brett S. Polen

The Mark and Patricia Prendeville Fund

Ms. Kathleen Sakal, ’84

Ms. Janice K. Selberg, ’85

Mrs. Jacalyn N. Simon, ’95 and Mr. James L. Simon

Ms. Christine H. Stephens, ’94 and Mr. Robert J. Files

Mrs. Evelyn Sullen Smith, ’95 and Mr. Jason C. Smith

Mr. William Thomas, ’71

Mr. Andrew T. Tierman, ’73

Mr. Anthony Urbani, II, ’82 and Mrs. Marie R. Urbani

Mr. Bradley A. Vauter, ’83

Mr. Ronald E. Wagner, ’75 and Mrs. Kathleen E. Wagner

Mr. Russel C. Wells, ’64 and Reverend Shirley L. Wells

Ms. Beth Wey and Mr. Terry Wey

Ms. Lori T. Williams, ’89

† Deceased