MSU College of Law


MSU Law Partner $10,000 – 19,999 per year

Mr. Peter J. Carras, ’62 and Mrs. Barbara D. Carras

Mr. Timothy J. Conroy, ’58 and Mrs. Janet P. Conroy

Mrs. Nancy J. Heiss

Mr. Carter G. Hodgson, ’01 and Mrs. Peggy Hodgson

Trustee Wallace B. Jefferson and Mrs. Rhonda Lewis Jefferson

Ms. Cassandra D. Thorndill, ’15 and Mr. Heath J. Thorndill

MSU Law Director $5,000 – 9,999 per year

Mr. Kim A. Gasior, '85 and Mrs. Diane K. Gasior

Trustee Charles A. Janssen and Mrs. LeaAnne L. Janssen

Mr. Donald A. Kuebler, ’66 and Mrs. Cheryl K. Kuebler

Mr. John J. Latella, ’00 and Mrs. Shelly Latella

MSU Law Ambassador $2,500 – 4,999 per year

Hon. Dennis W. Archer, ’70 and Hon. Trudy DunCombe Archer, ’81

Mrs. Ellen Witt Botnick, ’76 and Mr. Steven Mark Botnick

Mr. Thomas L. Phillips, ’73 and Mrs. Martha R. Phillips

MSU Law Associate $1,000 – 2,499 per year

Ms. Alexandra C. Alberstadt, ’92 and Mr. Kenneth G. Alberstadt

Ms. Patricia J. Battersby,’85 and Mr. Stephen L. Witenoff

Asst. Prof. David Blankfein-Tabachnick

Ms. Carole L. Chiamp, ’72

Hon. Barry M. Grant and Mrs. Lisa Grant

Mr. Charles J. Hurbis, ’65 and Mrs. Irene M. Hurbis

Assoc. Dean Melanie B. Jacobs and Mr. Shane A. Broyles

Prof. Emeritus Clark C. Johnson

Mr. Gregory R. Lane, ’80

Trustee H. Douglas Laycock and Teresa A. Sullivan

Mr. Charles A. Malone, ’70

Mr. Sean McNally, ’03 & Mrs. Veronica McNally, ’04

Prof. Nicholas Mercuro, Ph.D.

Dean Lawrence Ponoroff and Mrs. Monica J. Ponoroff

Mr. R. Owens Richards, ’82 and Ms. Julie A. Smith

Mr. James M. Rifkin, ’63

Ms. Rene S. Roupinian, ’94

Mr. Jeffrey P. Rumley, ’85

Trustee Emeritus John F. Schaefer, ’69 and Mrs. Marta Schaefer

Prof. William E. Smith, ’74 and Dr. Donna A. Smith

Assoc. Dean Charles J. Ten Brink

Mr. David M. Thomas, ’81 and Ms. Melodie P. Stafford

Mr. Curtis C. Warner, ’02