MSU College of Law

At MSU College of Law, every gift matters. Every gift makes an impact, on our students and in our classrooms. All who give to MSU College of Law are part of the Circle of Friends, our annual honor roll of giving. Donors who support the College of Law through annual giving and reach cumulative levels receive special recognition for their continued generosity.

Dean's Leadership Circle

Annual Fund donors at the Dean’s Leadership Circle level of $1,000 and above, who make MSU Law a priority for their charitable giving each year, will be recognized as our top annual givers. For a current list of the Dean's Leadership Circle donors so far this fiscal year, click here.

At the end of each year MSU Law hosts a reception in honor of all Leadership Circle donors. Your contribution builds up not only our student body, but the law college’s nationwide network and reputation.

Annual Giving
Scholarships, book awards and paid internships help attract top students to MSU Law, and many donors understand the importance of giving annually to support named scholarships and other restricted funds. Our generous donors ensure that our students graduate with less debt, as well as experience enhanced learning opportunities both on and off campus, in the classroom and the courtroom. Click here for a list of our generous annual donors.

Lifetime Giving Societies
Through our seven Giving Societies, listed below, we honor and celebrate donors who have reached milestone levels in their cumulative giving or support the College through planned giving. These gifts support an outstanding level of education. On behalf of law students today and tomorrow, we are deeply grateful for such generous and thoughtful contributions.

Lifetime Giving Societies

Named for a dedicated man whose affiliation with the College spanned 57 years as a faculty member, trustee, and president, the John J. Danhof Society recognizes donors with lifetime contributions or pledges to MSU College of Law totaling at least $1,000,000.

Mr. Donald L. Castle Sr., ’36, and Mrs. Edna P. Castle

Mr. John A. Downs II, ’43, and Mrs. Clover E. Downs

Mr. Geoffrey N. Fieger, ’79, and Mrs. Keenie Fieger

President Emeritus Clif Haley, ’61, and Mrs. Carolyn A. Haley

Mr. Paul J. Lay, ’69, and Mrs. Carol L. Lay

Trustee Michael G. Morris, ’81, and Mrs. Linda C. Morris

Board Chair Linda Orlans, ’87

Trustee Emeritus John F. Schaefer, ’69, and Mrs. Marta Schaefer

†indicates deceased

Named for an esteemed alumnus, faculty member and former dean of the Law School, the Charles H. King Society recognizes donors who have made lifetime contributions or pledges to MSU College of Law totaling at least $500,000.

$500,000 to $999,999

Mr. Scott Banister and Mrs. Cyan Banister

Mr. Dennis K. Branoff and Mrs. Alexis G. Branoff

Mr. L. D. MacLean, ’55, and Mrs. Frances MacLean

Mr. James L. Mattison and Mrs. Bertha Mattison

Ms. Lori E. Talsky, ’96, and Mr. Alan S. Zekelman

Mr. Irvin H. Yackness, ’41, and Mrs. June Yackness

†indicates deceased

Named for a beloved faculty member and alumnus, the Abraham J. (A.J.) Thomas Society recognizes donors with lifetime contributions or pledges to MSU College of Law totaling at least $250,000.

$250,000 to $499,999

FINRA Investor Education Foundation

Kresge Foundation

Dean Joan W. Howarth and Ms. Carmen Estrada

Mr. Harry B. Letzer, ’26

Prof. Emeritus Edward J. Littlejohn, ’70

Mr. Glenn C. Wilber, ’33

†indicates deceased

Gifts to the Heritage Club celebrate donors who make lifetime contributions or pledges to MSU College of Law of at least $100,000, creating a lasting legacy and allowing donors to hold a place in the history of the College. Donors at this level are inducted into the Donor Hall of Fame.

$100,000 to $249,999


Mr. John A. Allen, ’33, and Mrs. Bernice Allen

Ms. Irene R. Andes

Mr. Harold Beznos, ’64

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Mr. Peter J. Carras, ’62, and Mrs. Barbara D. Carras

Coleman Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Edward C. Dawda, ’77, and Mrs. Alice I. Buckley, ’79

Mr. J. Bernard Dawsey, ’35

Dewitt C. Holbrook Memorial Foundation

Hon. Daniel M. Downey, ’76, and Mrs. Dawana Downey

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Mr. Harold H. Gordon, ’51, and Mrs. Marion T. Gordon

Trustee Emeritus Richard W. Heiss, ’63, and Mrs. Nancy J. Heiss

Mr. Dewitt C. Holbrook

Ida & Benjamin Alpert Foundation

InData Corporation

Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss

Prof. Emeritus Clark C. Johnson, LL.D. ’02

Trustee Charles E. Langton, ’87, and Hon. Lisa A. Langton, ’88

Trustee Emeritus Norman L. Lippitt, ’60, and Patricia C. Lippitt

Hon. Peter J. Lucido, ’88, and Mrs. Ann Marie Lucido

Ms. Jean A. Marson, ’72

Ms. Lilyan I. Marx

Mr. Gerald McKessy, ’33

Trustee Mayer Morganroth, ’54, and Mrs. Sheila Morganroth

MSU College of Law Alumni Association

Mr. Willard E. Munro and Mrs. Marion J. Munro

Mr. Harold W. Oehmke, ’72, and Mrs. Elizabeth Oehmke

Open Society Institute

Mr. Perry W. Richwine, ’27, and Mrs. Janet H. Richwine

Rosette LLP Attorneys at Law/Mrs. Karrie S. Wichtman, ’09

Sydney and Elizabeth Ross Family Foundation

Mr. John R. Selecky, ’77

Trustee David J. Sparrow, ’51

Hon. Richard F. Suhrheinrich, ’63, and Mrs. Beverly Suhrheinrich

Mr. Richard J. Thoma, ’32

Mr. Richard N. Wiener, ’76, and Mrs. Rajkumari M. Wiener

Professor Nick J. Wittner and Cynthia M. Wittner

Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, Inc.

 †indicates deceased

The Founders Club reflects the spirit of the initial founders’ dedication to academic excellence by recognizing those who share these values by making lifetime contributions or pledges to MSU College of Law of at least $50,000.

$50,000 to $99,999


Mr. Alan T. Ackerman and Mrs. Sharyl Ackerman

Animal Legal Defense Fund

Arcus Foundation

Mr. Michael Berry, ’50, and Mrs. Cynthia A. Berry

Ms. Alice R. Bishop

Ms. Margaret Carrigan

Mr. Joseph A. Cassese, ’24

Chicago Title & Trust Company

Mr. David W. Christensen, ’72

Consumers Energy Foundation

Mr. Ronald A. Deneweth, ’77, and Mrs. Mary L. Deneweth

Col. Thomas P. Dickinson, ’28, and Mrs. Eloise E. Dickinson

Trustee Elaine Fieldman, ’76

Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith, PC

Ms. Jenifer M. Franklin, ’97

Mr. Kim A. Gasior, ’85, and Mrs. Diane K. Gasior

General Motors Foundation

Hal & Jean Glassen Memorial Foundation

Mr. Paul L. Greer, ’51, and Mrs. Jacqueline Murphy Greer

Prof. Catherine M. Grosso and Mr. Stephen P. Gasteyer

Prof. Michele L. Halloran and Mr. Robert W. Halloran

Trustee Emeritus Edwin W. Jakeway, ’61, and Mrs. Suzanne Jakeway

Mr. Gregory M. Janks, ’77, and Mrs. Susan Janks

Trustee Charles A. Janssen and Mrs. Lea Anne L. Janssen

Mrs. Joan R. Kalustian

Mr. Louis W. Kasischke, ’67, and Mrs. Sandra A. Kasischke

Mr. Bruce A. Kirk, ’35

McGregor Fund

Mr. Julian G. McIntosh, ’28, and Mrs. Vera McIntosh

Michigan State Bar Foundation

Mr. Andrew J. Munro, ’79

Mr. Robert V. Parenti, ’51, and Mrs. Laurie Parenti

Mr. John D. Pirich and Mrs. Mary Beth Pirich

Trustee Jennifer R. Poteat, ’04, and Mr. Michael Staebler

Ravitz Foundation

Trustee Emeritus Kenneth J. Robinson

Safari Club International

Ms. M. Jean Sells

Mr. S. Gary Spicer, ’69

Taxpayer Advocate Service

Vital Projects Fund, Inc.

 †indicates deceased

The Benefactors Club, named for those whose gifts enhance the programming and academics of the College, recognizes donors with lifetime contributions or pledges to MSU College of Law totaling at least $25,000.

$25,000 to $49,999

Allstate Foundation

American Bar Association


Mr. George N. Bashara Jr., ’60, and Mrs. Suzanne Bashara

Mr. D. Bruce Beaton, ’81

Mr. James Cyril P. Beattie, ’24

Trustee Raymond R. Behan, ’60, and Mrs. Lorraine Behan

Mr. James S. Bicknell III, ’54, and Mrs. Doris Bicknell

Mr. G. Cameron Buchanan, ’30, and Mrs. Helen Buchanan

Butler Family Fund

Trustee Emeritus Joseph J. Buttigieg III, ’75, and Mrs. Mary K. Buttigieg

Mr. Russell A. Buyers, ’65, and Mrs. Sue Ellen Buyers

Canadian Consulate General

Capital Region Community Foundation

Casey Family Programs

Center for Death Penalty Litigation, Inc.

Chrysler Corporation Fund

Clark Hill PLC

Prof. Emeritus Charles H. Clarke and Mrs. Leticia G. Clarke

Hon. Avern Cohn and Mrs. Lois Cohn

Mr. Russel J. Comer, ’31


Mr. Timothy J. Conroy, ’58, and Mrs. Janet P. Conroy

Mr. Daniel J. Desmet, ’85

Prof. David S. Favre and Mrs. Martha E. Favre

Federal Mogul Corporation

Prof. Emeritus Robert M. Filiatrault, ’70, and Mrs. Mary H. Christy

Mr. Peter B. Fletcher

Ford Motor Company Fund

Hon. Charles M. Forster, ’62, and Mrs. Dianna Forster

Mr. William B. Giles

Mr. Philip F. Greco, ’44, and Mrs. Dolores R. Greco

Mr. Thomas Guastello, ’70, and Ms. Susan M. Luch

Prof. Emeritus Nancy D. Heathcote and Mr. William L. Heathcote

Herbert and Elsa Ponting Foundation

Ambassador David B. Hermelin and Mrs. Doreen N. Hermelin

Mr. Frederick W. Hoffman, IV, ’85, and Mr. James R. Stokes, ’88

Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC

Kanji & Katzen PLLC

Mr. Anthony E. Kenny, ’70, and Mrs. Sharon A. Kenny

Mr. Donald A. Kuebler, ’66, and Mrs. Cheryl K. Kuebler

Mr. A. Bart Lewis, ’64

Mr. Jeffrey C. Littmann, ’84, and Mrs. Cynthia M. Littmann

Mr. Albert Lopatin, ’53, and Mrs. Beverly Lopatin

Maverick Lloyd Foundation

Ms. Sybil M. Lyon

Hon. David W. McKeague and Mrs. Nancy McKeague

Microsoft Corporation

Mr. David M. Miro, ’30, and Mrs. Bernice Miro

Trustee Bryan T. Newland, ’07

Mr. Marvin R. Novick, ’52, and Mrs. Margaret A. Novick

Trustee Donald D. Nystrom, ’00, and Mrs. Tracy Nystrom

Mr. Jules B. Olsman, ’78, and Mrs. Barbara L. Grossman Olsman

Mrs. Kathryn L. Ossian, ’84, and Mr. James E. Linn

Mr. David M. Ottenwess, ’86, and Mrs. Stephanie Ottenwess

Ottenwess, Allman & Taweel PLC

Prof. Kathleen E. Payne, ’77, and Mr. Jeffrey B. Goldsmith

Pepper Hamilton LLP

Mr. Jerry Raymond, ’64, and Mrs. Justine Raymond

Mr. Carl J. Schoeninger, ’70, and Mrs. Mary Beth Schoeninger

State Bar of Michigan

Ms. Regina Storrs

Ms. Flora H. Temple

Hon. Thomas A. Van Tiem Sr.,’60, and Mrs. Helen Van Tiem

Mr. David II, Mrs. Gail, Erika, David III, Samantha, and Nicholas Williams

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Winston-Salem Foundation

Mr. Walter J. Wozniak, ’73, and Mrs. Andrea Wozniak

†indicates deceased

The Presidents Club, named in honor of the presidents who guided the College to its present position, recognizes individuals who make lifetime contributions or pledges over five years to MSU College of Law totaling at least $10,000. Alumni who have graduated within the last 10 years can pledge this gift over 10 years and still be recognized as a member of this prestigious club.

$10,000 to $24,999


Mr. Camille S. Abood†, ’61

AJ Fletcher Foundation

Ms. Alexandra C. Alberstadt, ’92, and Mr. Kenneth G. Alberstadt

Assoc. Dean Connell Alsup, ’90

American Natural Resources Company

Mr. Patrick R. Anderson, ’05, and Mrs. Stephanie Anderson

AT&T Foundation

Mr. Robert J. Atkinson, ’73, and Mrs. Susan Atkinson

Mr. Herbert M. August, ’60, and Mrs. Elsie A. August

Dr. Sarah L. Babcock, ’04, and Mr. Paul R. Hahn, ’04

Mrs. Claudia V. Babiarz, ’84, and Mr. Larry D. Leinweber

Mr. Raymond A. Ballard†, ’32

Mr. Ralph W. Barbier, Jr., ’63

Mr. Charles P. Barnes, ’90, and Mrs. Kelly S. Downs

Hon. Marianne O. Battani, ’72

Ms. Christine M. Battle, ’86, and Mr. Timothy E. Battle

Mr. Robert Berliner, ’61

Hon. Annette J. Berry, ’88, and Mr. James G. Berry

Mr. Leon D. Bess, ’63, and Mrs. Debby Bess

Prof. Terence L. Blackburn and Ms. Catherine Dwyer

Mr. Daniel H. Bliss, ’87, and Mrs. Margaret L. Bliss

Mr. Saul Bluestone†, ’68, and Mrs. Eleanor Bluestone

Mr. Irving R. Blum†, ’59

Mr. Vincent J. Brennan, ’89, and Hon. Megan Maher-Brennan

Mr. Paul A. Bringer, ’77

Mr. Kenneth E. Burchfield, ’73, and Mrs. Keven S. Burchfield

Clarence M. Burton Memorial Foundation

Mr. Milton W. Bush Sr.†,  ’34, and Mrs. Lodie Bush

Hon. James A. Callahan, ’72, and Mrs. Stephanie Callahan

Prof. Craig R. Callen†

Prof. Emeritus Donald F. Campbell†, ’61

Mr. Ralph H. Cann Jr., ’51, and Mrs. Eleanor J. Cann

Mr. Henry N. Carnaby, ’84, and Mrs. Cathleen Carnaby

Mr. Donald F. Carney Jr., ’76, and Mrs. Jacqueline M. Carney

Mr. Robert E. Carr, ’88

Mr. Paul F. Carrier†, ’59

Mr. Patrick G. Casey†, ’59, and Ms. Barbara M. Casey

Mr. Daniel E. Castner, ’72, and Ms. Cecilia Castner

Mr. Gerald P. Cavellier, ’95, and Jillian W. Cavellier

Ms. Carole L. Chiamp, ’72

Ms. Karen A. Chopra, ’95

Mr. Daniel M. Clark, ’63, and Mrs. Suzanne Clark

Mr. Ryan J. Clarkson, ’05, and Mrs. Shireen M. Clarkson

Mr. Earl J. Cline†, ’56

Hon. Avern Cohn and Mrs. Lois Cohn

CMS Energy Corporation

Hon. Robert J. Colombo, Jr., ’75

Mr. Michael G. Conniff Sr., ’70

Mr. John K. Cooper, Jr.

Ms. Margaret A. Costello, ’88

Mr. Jerry Cotter Jr., ’59

Mr. Thomas A. Cover, ’82, and Mrs. Julianne Cover

Crow Nation

Ms. Barbara M. Dabiero

Mr. Adam J. Dadaou, ’60, and Ms. Effie Dadaou

Justice Emeritus Alton T. Davis, ’74, and Mrs. Sandra K. Davis

Mr. Gilbert H. Davis†, ’31

Mr. George H. Denfield†, ’53, and Mrs. Renee Denfield

Deroy Testamentary Foundation

Trustee Frederick D. Dilley, ’75, and Mrs. Elizabeth E. Dilley

Mr. Douglas L. Dinning, ’77

Dr. Tracy A. Dobson

Mr. Sam DuBois†, ’57

Mr. James W. Duff Sr., ’67, and Mrs. Caroline S. Duff

Mr. William J. Ewald, ’73, and Mrs. Deanna M. Ewald

Ms. Virginia M. Farhat†

Ms. Joanne B. Faycurry, ’87

Mr. Matthew S. Fedor, ’00, and Ms. Amy C. Slameka, ’99

Mr. Joseph L. Flack, Jr., ’76

Mr. David E. Flayer†, ’29

Prof. Emeritus Elizabeth M. Gallagher†

Gerald Beckwith Constitutional Liberties Fund

Mr. Michael D. Gibson, ’80, and Mrs. Christine E. Gibson

Mr. Gregory L. Gilbert, ’75, and Ms. Linda Parizon

Gossett Fund

Mr. Donald W. Grant†, ’42

Mr. Shamil E. Halabu, ’85, and Mrs. Laura Halabu

Mr. Paul E. Hamilton†, ’73

Dr. Thomas H. Hammond and Dr. Christine M. Hammond

Prof. Emeritus Jeremy T. Harrison† and Prof. Laura E. Harrison

Heart of Illinois United Way, Inc.

Mr. D. Craig Henry, ’71, and Mrs. Judith M. Henry

Mr. Stuart E. Hertzberg

Mr. Thomas H. Hill, ’83, and Mrs. Sue Hill

Mr. Frederick H. Hoffecker, ’70, and Mrs. Elizabeth Hoffecker

Mr. Myles B. Hoffert, ’71, and Ms. Ronna G. Hoffert

Mr. Charles P. Hoffman Jr., ’79, and Mrs. Marcia L. Reed

James and Lynelle Holden Fund

Mr. C. Dale Hubbard, ’55

Dean James P. Huddleston†

Hudson-Webber Foundation

Mr. Richard W. Hughes, ’75

Dr. B. J. Humphreys, ’57, and Mrs. Laura Humphreys

Mr. John W. Inhulsen, ’05, and Mrs. Monica C. Inhulsen, ’03

Jackson Lewis LLP

Mr. Michael H. James, ’78, and Ms. Lesli James

Mr. Thomas W. James, ’05, and Mrs. Angela M. James

Hon. Frank E. Jeannette†, ’33

Trustee Maurice G. Jenkins, ’81, and Mrs. Corlyss Connors-Jenkins

Johnson & Johnson

Mr. Alan E. Joslyn†, ’24

J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation

JSO Digital

Mr. Robert Keijonen and Mrs. Patricia Keijonen

Mr. Edward L. Keller, ’59

Mr. Frank J. Kelley and Mrs. Nancy A. Kelley†

Mr. Michael J. Kelly, ’88

Kemp Klein Umphrey & Endelman Foundation

Hon. Kurt G. Kersten, ’53, and Mrs. Lenore E. Kersten

Mr. Robert W. Kirk, ’83, and Mrs. Catherine M. Kirk

Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook

Mr. Russell E. Knister†, ’29

Mr. Konrad D. Kohl†, ’51

Mr. Edward J. Kreski, ’81

Mr. Gregory R. Lane, ’80

Mr. Lyndon J. Lattie, ’61

Prof. Michael A. Lawrence and Prof. Deanne A. Lawrence

Trustee H. Douglas Laycock and President Teresa A. Sullivan

Lear Corporation

Lexis-Nexis Group

Mr. Daniel A. Lichtman†, ’75

Mr. Frederick Lichtman†, ’51, and Mrs. Naomi Lichtman†

Hon. Arthur J. Lombard and Mrs. Frederica Lombard

Mrs. Sarah Luick

The Lupton Family

Hon. James B. Mackie, ’70, and Ms. Ruth Mackie

Mr. Charles A. Malone, ’70

Mr. Paul Marco†, ’33, and Mrs. Frances Marco†

Mr. Victor G. Marrocco, ’70, and Ms. Frances Marrocco

Mr. James N. Martin, ’68

Mr. William M. Mazey†, ’51, and Mrs. Emma Mazey

Mr. Joseph F. McCarthy, ’72, and Mrs. Janet A. McCarthy

Mr. Aubrey V. McCutcheon Jr., ’61

Trustee Cary McGehee, ’89

Mr. Leroy B. McInally†, ’31, and Mrs. Henrietta McInally†

Mr. Martin McInerney

Mr. Thomas P. McKenney, ’78, and Ms. Jane G. McKenney

Mr. Michael D. McLauchlan, ’85, and Mrs. Terrie A. McLauchlan

Trustee Richard D. McLellan

Ms. Patricia Mell

Mr. Dean D. Meriwether, ’96

Michigan Humanities Council

Mid-States Petroleum, Inc.

Mr. Frank G. Mixter†, ’24

Hon. Marion A. Moore, ’71

MSU Federal Credit Union

Mr. Wolfgang Mueller, ’90, and Mrs. Shanna J. Bristol-Mueller

Mr. Joseph A. Murphy Jr., ’62, and Mrs. Joanne Becker Murphy†

Mr. Charles E. Nebel, ’65, and Mrs. Mary Alice Nebel

Mr. Eric M. Nemeth, ’90, and Mrs. Paula Nemeth

Trustee James M. Nicholson, Jr., and Mrs. Mary E. Nicholson

Mr. John D. Nickola, ’66, and Mrs. Barbara A. Menear Nickola

Mr. Adam B. Norlander, ’00, and Dr. Christa P. Norlander

Prof. Emeritus Harold Norris†

Mr. Dennis H. Nystrom, ’67

Dr. Jonathan P. O’Brien, ’04, and Ms. Amelia V. Katanski

Mr. Patrick J. O’Brien, ’77, and Mrs. Amy L. O’Brien

Mr. Robert C. Odle Jr., ’69

Trustee Emeritus John D. O’Hair, ’54, and Mrs. Barbara O’Hair

Trustee Emeritus Peter J. Palmer, ’68, and Mrs. Diane D. Palmer

Mr. Michael A. Pelavin†, ’60, and Mrs. Natalie Pelavin

Mr. Alex P. Perry†, ’34

Hon. David M. Peterson, ’70, and Mrs. Marilyn S. Peterson

Mr. Thomas L. Phillips, ’73, and Mrs. Martha R. Phillips

Mr. Frank M. Polasky, ’50

Ms. Bonnie L. Popp

Hon. David L. Porteous and Mrs. Joan L. Porteous

Proteus Action League

Prof. Albert T. Quick and Prof. Emeritus Brenda J. Quick

Prof. C. Nicholas Revelos†

Mr. Ellsworth G. Reynolds†, ’42

Mr. Gregory A. Reynolds†, ’71

Mr. Harry E. Roer†, ’64

Trustee G. S. Romney and Mrs. Sheri L. Romney

Prof. George T. Roumell Jr., and Mrs. Affie Roumell

Mr. Eric R. Sabree, ’96, and Mrs. Badriyyah Sabree

Mr. Kurt E. Schnelz, ’85

Mr. Jeptha W. Schureman†, ’42

Mr. Karl L. Seavitt†, ’42, and Mrs. Margaret Seavitt†

Mr. Michael B. Serling, ’70, and Mrs. Elaine K. Serling

Mr. William J. Sessions†, ’26

Ms. Kathleen A. Sheehan, ’88

Mr. Richard C. Shoop†

Mr. Arthur M. Sills†, ’51

Simkins & Simkins PC

Mr. G. R. Sims, ’73, and Mrs. Ann M. Sims

Mr. Charles M. Sirhal†, ’57, and Mrs. Charlotte Sirhal

Mr. A. Ronald Sirna Jr., ’71, and Mrs. Jessie D. Sirna

Skadden Fellowship Foundation

Mr. William G. Small†, ’83

Dr. William E. Smith, ’74, and Dr. Donna A. Smith

Prof. John Soave Jr.†, ’70

Mr. David W. Sommerfeld, ’67, and Mrs. Anne T. Sommerfeld

Mr. Norman S. Sommers†, ’42, and Mrs. Judy Sommers

Mr. Myzell Sowell†, ’52

Mr. Ronald L. Spector†, ’67

Prof. Elliot A. Spoon and Mrs. Madalyn Spoon

Hon. Larry J. Stecco, ’67, and Mrs. Pamela A. Stecco

Mr. Robert J. Stephan, ’67, and Mrs. Mary A. Stephan

Mr. David C. Stone, ’76, and Mrs. Norma M. Stone

Mr. Monte R. Story†, ’71, and Mrs. Barbara B. Story†

Ms. Kathleen Suthers

Assoc. Dean Charles J. Ten Brink

Hon. Sharon Tevis Finch, ’68

The Charitable Giving Card Program of the Community Foundation

Mr. David M. Thomas, ’81

Ms. Maureen E. Thomas, ’86

Mrs. Lori Ann Thornhill-Childress, ’93, and Mr. George Z. Childress

Mr. Elmo J. Tibaldi†, ’40

Ms. Ann Tomlanovich, ’93

Mr. Robert A. Tremain, ’70, and Mrs. Anne Tremain

Triangle Community Foundation, Inc.

Trott & Trott

UAW CAP Council, Region 1A CAP, Region 1C CAP, Region 1D Retired Workers

Mr. Ralph F. Valitutti, Jr., ’76, and Mrs. Christine M. Valitutti

Varnum Riddering Schmidt & Howlett

Mr. Stephen P. Vella, ’82, and Mrs. Nancy J. Vella

Mr. Howard J. Victor, ’77, and Ms. Gail R. Victor

Mr. Ronald E. Wagner, ’75, and Mrs. Kathleen E. Mayor-Wagner

Mr. Chris W. Walker, ’90, and Ms. Jessica Walker, ’13

Mr. Michael J. Watza, ’86, and Mrs. Janet M. Watza

Mr. H. Wayne Wells

Mr. Russel C. Wells, ’64, and Reverend Shirley L. Wells

Mr. Steven W. Wells, ’85, and Mrs. Lisa A. Stieler-Wells

Mr. Douglas M. West, ’74

Mr. Bert Whitehead, ’72

Mr. Amos E. Williams, ’86

Mr. J. Dallas Winegarden, ’69, and Mrs. Ronnee P. Winegarden

Women Lawyers Association of Michigan Foundation

In Honor of Hon. Carole F. Youngblood†, ’86

Mr. Gene Zamler, ’67, and Mrs. Carol Zamler

†indicates deceased

Planned giving donors are eligible for membership in the MSU Landon Legacy Society, named after Linda E. Landon, the beloved MSU librarian and first female instructor on campus.  This society recognizes and honors individuals and families who have established a planned gift of any size benefiting MSU College of Law. For more information about makig a planned gift, click here.