Giving & Naming Opportunities

While academics are at the core of any college education, there are a number of initiatives at the Law College that enhance the student experience beyond the classroom.

Endowed gifts and naming opportunities further strengthen our programs, facilities, and faculty research and outreach. They also provide a legacy that lasts for generations of future MSU Law students. Whatever program or giving opportunity you choose to support, your gift fosters excellence in legal education at MSU College of Law.

  • Endowed Deanships

    The selection of individuals to the leadership of MSU colleges is an academic process carried out by the Office of the Provost. The provost may use expendable amounts from an endowment that names a deanship to supplement the salary of a dean and to support his or her academic outreach endeavors.

  • Endowed Department Chairmanships or Directorships

    The selection of individuals for executive positions in departments, schools, centers, or institutes is an academics process carried out by the relevant colleges with the approval of the Office of the Provost. The relevant dean and the provost may use expendable amounts from an endowment gift that names these positions or to supplement the salary of a department chairman or the director of a school, center, or institute and/or to support his or her academic endeavors.

  • Endowed Chairs

    Creating an endowed faculty position (Chair) is one of the best ways to attract leading professors who want to work in a world-class institution that recognizes their accomplishments and supports their scholarly ambitions, research and related funding. A gift to endow a Chair will permit the College of Law to recruit a new professor who would be the first endowed Chair on the faculty. This gift can be named to support a distinguished professor in a specific area of study or can be an effective recruiting tool for stellar faculty.

  • Endowed Professorships

    A named professorship award can be used to recruit, retain, or recognize outstanding faculty. The supporting endowments provide expendable amounts that can be used to support the salary of the recipient and/or the expenses of his or her teaching, research, or service activities.

  • Endowed Fellows

    A named fellow award can be used to recruit, retain, or recognize faculty early in their academic careers. The endowment will provide expendable amounts that can be used to support the salary of the recipient and/or the expenses of his or her teaching, research, or service activities.

  • Visiting Professorships

    Endowed funds supporting visiting professorships provide expendable amounts that can be used for salary supplements or academic expenses for a specified period while a visiting professor is pursuing academic activities at MSU College of Law.

  • Visiting Lectureships

    Endowed funds supporting visiting lectureships provide expendable amounts that can be used for expenses and fees for a visiting lecturer, whose visit might range from one day to two weeks.

  • Scholarships & Student Awards

    To offset the cost of tuition, which is more than $40,000 annually, scholarships are essential. Scholarships ease the way for students who need funding to pursue their goal of earning a law degree. Many of our scholarships are endowed, which provides for growth of the principle while ensuring that tuition assistance is available for students in need. We also invite donors to fund merit scholarships, so we can draw from educationally gifted and accomplished students. Donors who choose to endow a scholarship can help set up the criteria to whom the scholarship can be extended. Annual expendable scholarships can also be given a designation by the donor.

  • High-tech, well-designed facilities

    Teaching students to communicate legal matters with the aid of advanced technology is a strength at MSU College of Law. One example is the Clif and Carolyn Haley Moot Courtroom used by students in the Geoffrey Fieger Trial Practice Institute. This room features a state-of-the-art communications system with video screens, microphones, speakers and other technology that helps law students conduct mock trials. High-tech equipment includes monitors to show detailed evidence, video conferencing to connect with experts from around the world, and interactive computer systems for greater student engagement with faculty. Major gifts help create and sustain such learning environments.

  • International Law Programs

    Our students must have the capacity to become global leaders. A pioneer in developing international law programs and student-faculty exchanges, MSU College of Law has student and faculty programs in Canada, Mexico, Poland, China and Lithuania. An increasing number of foreign students from all continents come here to study law. By sharing legal knowledge and bridging differences in cultures, politics and business practices, we intend to become a premier institution for international law opportunities.

  • Clinical Programs

    We provide students with the foundation of academic and theoretical education, bolstered by real-world experience in how law applies to various situations. We have created clinics in family and child advocacy law, immigration, housing, small business and non-profit law, and tax law. Two new clinics in plea & sentencing and immigration law are being developed. Students gain hands-on experience in representing such clients while still in law school.

  • Specialized Academic Programs

    To prepare students for the trend toward specialized practice areas, we have supplemented the general practice of law with focused academic programs in Litigation, Business, Bankruptcy, Intellectual Property, Family Law, Regulated Industries, Tax, Indian Law, Criminal Practice and Public Interest Law. The Law College is also creating centers of excellence in the areas of Indigenous Law & Policy, Intellectual Property (IP), and Legal Ethics. The greater the investment placed in these programs, the broader their impact will be on both students and the communities served.

We invite your support in these efforts

An investment in our programs ensures the continuation of excellence in legal education at MSU Law. Click below for more information about the financial commitment for endowed and named gifts.

  • Academic Naming Opportunities
    Endowed Deanship $3,000,000
    Endowed Department Chair or Directorship $2,500,000
    Endowed Chair $2,000,000
    Endowed Professorship $1,000,000
    Endowed Fellow $500,000
    Visiting Professor $250,000
    Visiting Lecturer $150,000
    Endowed Scholarships $50,000
  • Building Naming Opportunities
    Law College Per Discussion
    Student Services Center $5,000,000
    Main Grand Entry and Student Lounge $2,500,000
    Building-wide technology $1,000,000
    Fourth Floor $1,000,000
    First, Second or Third Floor $750,000
    Deans’ Suite $500,000
    Fourth Floor Atrium and Light Fixtures from original DCL Building $500,000
    Admissions Suite $300,000
    Career Development Suite $300,000
    Academic Success Program $300,000
    Distance Learning Classroom (324) $250,000
    DCL Heritage Gallery $250,000
    Registrar’s Office $200,000
    Student Lounge near Sparty’s $250,000
    Library Student Lounge $250,000
    Office of Advancement $250,000
    Faculty Lounge $250,000
    Classrooms $150,000-$250,000
    Lady Justice Statue $100,000
    Law Givers Statues (4) $100,000
    Journal of Medicine and Law Office $100,000
    Library Legal Periodical Collection $100,000
    Faculty Office $100,000
    Collection of class pictures $75,000
    Adjunct Faculty Offices $75,000
    Faculty Secretary Suite $75,000
    Fourth Floor Window Study Areas near Heritage Gallery (2) $50,000
    Career Services Resource Center $50,000
    Library Open Staircase $50,000
    Career Services Interview Room (2) $25,000
    Student Organization Office $25,000
    Librarian Office $25,000
    Library Staff Room $25,000
    Library Group Conference Room (5) $25,000
    Moot Court Judge’s Chair (2) $25,000
    Chairs for Defense and Plaintiff Tables in Moot Court (2) $25,000
    Diversity Services $25,000
    Financial Aid Office $25,000
    Chairs for Bailiffs, Witness, And Recorder (4) $25,000
    Seat in Moot Court Room $10,000
    Study Carrel in Library (164) $5,000

To learn more about endowment and named giving opportunities, please contact the Office of Advancement at 517-432-6840.