MSU College of Law

Honor Roll

Thank you to the many alumni, faculty, staff and friends who made a gift, pledge or pledge payment from January 1 through December 31, 2016. Your continued support of our students and programs is invaluable. Alumni donors are listed by class year with their donor partners, if applicable. Donor partners who graduated in different years are listed separately under their respective class years. Non-alumni donors are listed as friends.

Class of 1936

Mr. Donald L. Castle Sr.†

Class of 1950
Mr. Lewis Kent
Mr. Floyd J. Tucker and Mrs. Geraldine M. Tucker

Class of 1953
Hon. Kurt G. Kersten and Mrs. Lenore E. Kersten

Class of 1954
Trustee Mayer Morganroth and Mrs. Sheila Morganroth
Trustee Emeritus Mr. John D. O’Hair and Mrs. Barbara O’Hair

Class of 1955
Mr. C. Dale Hubbard

Class of 1956
Hon. Jesse H. Butler

Class of 1957
Hon. Gene Schnelz and Mrs. Betty Schnelz
Hon. John T. Schubel
Mr. Donald F. Sugerman

Class of 1958
Mr. Timothy J. Conroy and Mrs. Janet P. Conroy

Class of 1959
Ms. Irene M. Piccone

Class of 1960
Trustee Raymond R. Behan and Mrs. Lorraine Behan
Mr. Karl R. Bennett, Jr.
Hon. George R. Corsiglia and Mrs. Sandra Corsiglia
Mr. Richard B. Firestone
Trustee Emeritus Norman L. Lippitt and Mrs. Patricia Cannia Lippitt

Class of 1961
Mr. Robert Berliner
Pres. Emeritus Clif E. Haley and Mrs. Carolyn A. Haley
Hon. Joseph P. Swallow

Class of 1962
Mr. Peter J. Carras and Mrs. Barbara D. Carras
Hon. Charles M. Forster and Mrs. Dianna Forster
Mr. Joseph A. Murphy, Jr.

Class of 1963
Mr. Leon D. Bess and Mrs. Debby Bess
Mr. James M. Rifkin
Hon. Richard F. Suhrheinrich and Mrs. Beverly J. Suhrheinrich
Mr. Donald P. Williams

Class of 1964
Mr. Harold Beznos
Mr. Charles R. Hrdlicka and Mrs. Loretta C. Hrdlicka
Mr. Charles E. Lotzar Jr.
Mr. Russel C. Wells and Reverend Shirley L. Wells

Class of 1965
Mr. Michael M. Goodman
Mr. Charles J. Hurbis
Mr. Charles E. Nebel

Class of 1966
Mr. Donald A. Kuebler and Mrs. Cheryl K. Kuebler
Mr. Frank R. Langton and Mrs. Judith Langton
Mr. William R. Listman and Mrs. Arlene M. Listman

Class of 1967
Mr. Dean R. Batchelor and Mrs. Marilyn Batchelor

Class of 1968
Mr. Robert F. Auld
Hon. Bernard A. Friedman and Mrs. Rozanne Friedman
Mr. Thomas J. Kizer, Jr.
Mr. James N. Martin
Mr. Gerald L. Oade and Mrs. Donna J. Oade
Hon. Clayton E. Preisel and Mrs. Pauline F. Preisel
Mr. David P. Stoller and Mrs. Janet R. Lincoln

Class of 1969
Mr. Dan A. Darnell and Mrs. Beverly J. Darnell
Mr. Lawrence R. Donaldson and Mrs. Ursula Donaldson
Mr. Paul J. Lay and Mrs. Carol L. Lay
Trustee Emeritus John F. Schaefer and Mrs. Marta Schaefer
Mr. S. Gary Spicer Sr.
Mr. J. Dallas Winegarden and Mrs. Ronnee P. Winegarden

Class of 1970
Hon. Dennis W. Archer
Hon. Peter E. Bec and Mrs. Christine Bec
Mr. Clarence M. Bradfield and Mrs. Linda Bradfield
Mr. Richard C. Eriksen and Mrs. Sharon M. Eriksen
Prof. Emeritus Edward J. Littlejohn
Mr. Charles A. Malone
Mr. Edward P. Murray and Mrs. Debora M. Murray
Mr. Carl J. Schoeninger and Ms. Mary Beth Schoeninger
Mr. Michael B. Serling and Mrs. Elaine K. Serling
Hon. Glenn C. Valasco and Mrs. Marilyn J. Valasco
Mr. Michael F. Zipser

Class of 1972
Trustee Emeritus Hon. Marianne O. Battani
Hon. James A. Callahan and Mrs. Stephanie Callahan
Ms. Carole L. Chiamp
Mr. Herschel P. Fink and Mrs. Adrienne Ruby-Fink
Mr. Gerald A. Fisher
Mr. Harold S. Fried
Mr. Byron F. Latter
Mr. James C. Thomas
Mr. Bert Whitehead

Class of 1973
Hon. Richard I. Cooper and Mrs. Carol Cooper
Mr. Dean Koulouras
Mr. Thomas L. Phillips and Mrs. Martha R. Phillips
Prof. John J. Ronayne, III
Mr. Thomas W. Schouten
Hon. Craig S. Strong
Mr. Walter J. Wozniak

Class of 1974
Mr. Clarke F. Baldwin and Mrs. Norma O. Baldwin
Ms. Kathleen C. King and Mr. James King
Hon. Dennis N. Powers
Prof. William E. Smith and Dr. Donna A. Smith
Hon. Kenneth L. Teter, Jr. and Mrs. Peggy J. Teter

Class of 1975
Hon. Robert J. Colombo Jr.
Trustee Frederick D. Dilley and Mrs. Elizabeth E. Dilley
Mr. William J. Donnelly, Jr.
Mr. Paul J. Greenwald and Mrs. Betsy J. Greenwald
Mr. Howard E. Gurwin
Hon. Mark S. Meadows and Mrs. Pamela F. Meadows
Mr. Richard B. Poling, Jr.
Ms. Frances B. Rohlman
Mr. Richard H. Sanderson
Mr. Ronald E. Wagner and Mrs. Kathleen E. Wagner

Class of 1976
Mr. Riccardo D. Arcaro
Mrs. Ellen Witt Botnick and Mr. Steven Mark Botnick
Mr. Thomas J. Budzynski
Mr. Donald F. Carney Jr. and Mrs. Jacqueline M. Carney
Mr. Stuart B. Cooney and Mrs. Janet C. Cooney
Mr. Errol R. Dargin
Trustee Elaine Fieldman
Mrs. Hannah M. Fisher
Prof. Joseph L. Flack Jr.
Mr. Kenneth M. Grifka and Mrs. Ghislaine L. Grifka
Ms. Ernestine R. McGlynn
Mr. Jerome Sabbota
Mr. Richard N. Wiener and Mrs. Rajkumari M. Wiener

Class of 1977
Mr. Paul A. Bringer
Mr. Edward C. Dawda
Mr. Ronald A. Deneweth and Mrs. Mary L. Deneweth
Mr. Richard S. Fine and Ms. Linda S. Hurwitz
Mr. James P. Hallan and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Hallan
Mr. Paul C. Louisell
Mr. Bryan Melvin III
Mr. William F. Molner
Prof. Kathleen E. Payne and Mr. Jeffrey B. Goldsmith
Mr. Mark T. Prendeville and Mrs. Patricia Prendeville
Mr. Robert P. Roth
Mr. Alan C. Rudzewicz
Mr. John J. Schrot, Jr.
Mr. Raymond S. Telman and Ms. Rhonda J. Lienhart
Mr. Howard J. Victor and Mrs. Gail R. Victor
Mr. Richard L. Wagner, Jr.
Mr. Chalmer W. West, Jr.

Class of 1978
Ms. Christine M. Dowhan-Bailey
Mr. Gary A. Fadell
Mrs. Diane M. Lepsig and Mr. Robert S. Lepsig
Mr. Thomas P. McKenney and Mrs. Jane McKenney
Mr. Jules B. Olsman and Mrs. Barbara L. Olsman
Hon. Steven M. Pestka and Mrs. Alicia M. Pestka
Mr. Charles G. Scifres and Mrs. Dawn Scifres
Mr. Larry A. Ver Merris and Mrs. Margaret D. Ver Merris

Class of 1979
Mrs. Alice I. Buckley
Hon. James N. Erhart and Mrs. Suzanne Erhart
Mr. Franklin S. Gavern
Ms. Meria E. Larson
Mr. Christopher E. Mengel and Ms. Ellen C. Creager
Mr. Andrew J. Munro
Mr. Gary W. Rapp
Mr. Robert C. Walter
Mr. Stephen L. Witenoff

Class of 1980
Prof. Mary A. Bedikian and Mr. Edward Bedikian
Mr. Philip R. Blanchard
Ms. Carolyn M. Breen
Mrs. Patricia A. Brennan
Mr. Michael D. Gibson and Mrs. Christine E. Gibson
Mr. Paul H. Huth
Mr. Gregory R. Lane
Ms. Denise A. Mondor-Gavern
Ms. Kathleen M. Oemke
Hon. Joseph S. Skocelas
Mr. Jeffrey M. Young

Class of 1981
Hon. Trudy Dun Combe Archer
Mr. Thomas M. Keranen
Trustee Michael G. Morris and Mrs. Linda C. Morris
Mr. C. R. Perry
Mr. David M. Thomas

Class of 1982
Mr. Kenneth T. Brooks and Mrs. Virginia A. Brooks
Mr. Russell G. Carniak and Ms. Zan M. Nicolli
Hon. Joseph A. Costello, Jr. and Mrs. Amy J. Costello
Mr. R. Owens Richards
Mr. Stephen P. Vella and Mrs. Nancy J. Vella
Ms. Mary L. Watson and Mr. Michael A. Chavez
Mr. Thomas R. Zimmer, III and Mrs. Susan J. Zimmer
Ms. Cyndy Zuzga

Class of 1983
Ms. Cheryl A. Cardelli
Ms. Judith K. Cunningham
Mr. Robert W. Kirk and Mrs. Catherine M. Kirk
Ms. Julie A. Smith
Mr. Michael H. Traison
Mr. Bradley A. Vauter
Ms. Donna K. Welch

Class of 1984
Mr. John W. Brusstar
Mr. Angus M. Campbell and Mrs. Karen N. Campbell
Mr. Henry N. Carnaby and Mrs. Cathleen Carnaby
Mr. Daniel S. Gerow and Mrs. Paula M. Gerow
Mr. Philip R. Goutman
Mr. Ronald R. Gutowski and Mrs. Connie L. Gutowski
Mr. Jeffrey C. Littmann and Mrs. Cynthia M. Littmann
Ms. Kathryn L. Ossian and Mr. James E. Linn
Mr. Paul E. Richards
Mr. William F. Rivard Sr. and Mrs. Deborah J. Rivard
Mrs. Kandy C. Ronayne
Hon. Geno D. Salomone and Mrs. Karen Salomone
Ms. Adrienne C. Watts

Class of 1985
Mr. Christopher M. Ambrose
Mr. John M. Banas
Ms. Patricia J. Battersby
Mr. Roland L. Bessette and Mrs. Elaine M. Ambrosini
Hon. Nancy J. Carniak
Mr. Reginald G. Dozier
Ms. Linda M. Garbarino
Mr. Kim A. Gasior and Mrs. Diane K. Gasior
Mr. Shamil E. Halabu and Mrs. Laura Halabu
Mr. Frederick W. Hoffman IV
Mr. Michael D. McLauchlan and Mrs. Terrie A. McLauchlan
Mr. Jeffrey P. Rumley
Mr. Kurt E. Schnelz
Mr. Stuart A. Sklar
Mr. Steven W. Wells and Mrs. Lisa A. Stieler-Wells
Ms. Ruth A. Westbrook

Class of 1986
Ms. Christine M. Battle and Mr. Timothy E. Battle
Mr. Joseph K. Carley
Mr. Brian C. Kidston and Mrs. Margaret Kidston
Mr. Thomas J. Kramer
Mr. David M. Ottenwess and Mrs. Stephanie P. Ottenwess
Mr. Stephen M. Rideout
Ms. Maureen E. Thomas

Class of 1987
Ms. Christine Nover Barnett and Mr. Randy L. Barnett
Ms. Margaret E. Davis
Mr. John W. Dunham
Ms. Joanne B. Faycurry
Mr. Gregory J. Feiten and Mrs. Nancy M. Feiten
Mr. Roger E. Gobrogge and Mrs. Gwen B. Gobrogge
Trustee Charles E. Langton
Mrs. Clara D. Mager and Mr. George J. Mager, Jr.
Hon. Beatrice K. Millender
Board Chair Linda Orlans

Class of 1988
Mr. Calvert A. Bailey
Ms. Margaret A. Costello
Mr. Timothy P. Dugan and Mrs. Patricia H. Dugan
Mr. David G. Gorcyca
Mr. Richard T. Hewlett
Hon. Lisa A. Langton
Hon. Peter J. Lucido and Mrs. Ann Marie Lucido
Mr. Jeffrey T. McCarty
Ms. Helen P. Moore
Ms. Rebecca G. Simkins Nowak
Hon. Edward J. Nykiel
Mr. Marc H. Soble
Mr. James R. Stokes

Class of 1989
Ms. Joanne L. Barr
Mrs. Darlene M. Germaine and Mr. John Germainie
Trustee Cary S. McGehee

Class of 1990
Assoc. Dean Connell Alsup
Ms. Karen R. Hagenlocker and Mr. Henry Whiting, III
Ms. Alison R. Nelson
Mr. Eric M. Nemeth and Mrs. Paula Nemeth
Mr. Joseph E. Turner
Mr. Lee N. Willard

Class of 1991
Mr. Lambros L. Andreopoulos
Ms. Jo A. Deroche
Mrs. Randi P. Glanz and Mr. Harry Glanz
Mr. Robert L. Stearns and Mrs. Elizabeth G. Stearns

Class of 1992
Ms. Alexandra C. Alberstadt
Ms. Barbara H. Goldman
Mrs. Denise A. Hirschmann
Mr. Oliver P. Langford
Mr. Kenneth T. Watkins

Class of 1993
Mr. Patrick J. Derkacz
Mrs. Deborah S. El-Amin and Mr. Stanley B. El-Amin
Hon. Lisa J. Gorcyca
Ms. Amy L. Hosey
Ms. Anthea E. Papista
Mr. David H. Safavian
Mr. Bruce G. Siegel
Mr. Charles D. Snell
Mrs. Lori A. Thornhill-Childress and Mr. George Z. Childress

Class of 1994
Mr. Donald J. Andrews, II
Ms. Jill W. Exler
Mr. Kevin P. Moloughney and Mrs. Tracy M. Moloughney
Mr. John F. Reed
Ms. René S. Roupinian
Mr. Michael D. Russell
Mrs. Jennifer A. Safavian
Mr. Kyle J. Vonallmen

Class of 1995
Mr. Gerald P. Cavellier, Jr. and Mrs. Jillian W. Cavellier
Ms. Karen A. Chopra
Ms. Sandra H. User Green and Mr. Jonathan Green
Ms. Linda A. Ciske Harrison
Mr. Brian J. Richtarcik
Mrs. Jacalyn N. Simon and Mr. James L. Simon
Mrs. Evelyn Sullen Smith and Mr. Jason C. Smith

Class of 1996
Mr. Jeffrey D. Cohen and Mrs. Juliana R. Cohen
Mr. Michael W. Domanski
Mr. Jeffrey Z. Dworin
Mr. Gordon A. Haydett
Mr. Daniel P. Hilf
Mrs. Nancy P. Klukowski and Mr. Steven Klukowski
Mr. Aric K. Melder
Mr. Dean D. Meriwether
Hon. Cylenthia L. Miller
Mr. Seth E. Rodack and Mrs. Euhui C. Lee Rodack
Mr. Eric R. Sabree and Mrs. Badriyyah Sabree
Mrs. Kimberly A. Owens Wise and Mr. John E. Wise

Class of 1997
Mr. Mark B. Berke and Mrs. Alisa N. Berke
Dr. Laurence E. Briski
Mrs. Pamela M. Lane and Mr. Roderic M. Lane
Ms. Sarah L. Reed
Mrs. Heather H. Wilson
Ms. Kimberly C. Woolridge

Class of 1998
Ms. Nicole C. Copeland
Mr. Karim H. Hanafy
Mr. Brian T. Loughrin
Mr. Richard M. Lynch and Mrs. Victoria M. Lynch
Ms. Joan M. Altamore Myers
Mr. Joseph T. Rannazzisi
Mr. Lee A. Sartori

Class of 1999
Ms. Paula S. Erickson
Mr. Kenneth L. Lavictoire, Jr.
Mr. Grant T. Pecor and Mrs. Branden M. Pecor
Mr. Richard W. Queen
Mr. Jared A. Roberts
Ms. Amy C. Slameka

Class of 2000
Mr. David M. Dell and Mrs. Rebecca L. Dell
Mr. Matthew S. Fedor
Mr. Joel R. Gerring
Mrs. Sufen Hilf
Mr. John J. Latella and Mrs. Shelly Latella
Mr. Adam B. Norlander and Dr. Christa P. Norlander
Trustee Chair Donald D. Nystrom and Mrs. Tracy Nystrom
Prof. Daphne E. O’Regan and Dr. Jonathan D. Walton

Class of 2001
Mr. John E. Clady, II and Mrs. Joy P. Clady
Mr. Carter G. Hodgson
Mr. Kevin A. Nagle
Mrs. Lisa A. Queen

Class of 2002
Ms. Mary A. Ferguson
Mr. Jeremy L. Fetty
Mr. Neal D. Fortin and Mrs. Katherine H. Fortin
Ms. Jami N. Jones and Mr. Bob Jones
Mr. Jun Kang
Mr. Stephen T. McKenney and Mrs. Lesley E. McIntyre McKenney
Mr. Roger H. Lee
Mr. Matthew L. Norwood
Ms. Ericka R. Savage
Mr. Marc M. Stanley
Mr. Leno P. Thomas
Mr. Curtis C. Warner
Mr. William L. Wilson

Class of 2003
Mr. Nicholas S. Ayoub
Mr. Brett J. Barratt
Mr. Chris A. Bombardo and Mrs. Elizabeth I. Bomardo
Ms. Allison P. Ernst and Mr. Leonard A. Espinosa
Mr. Jason R. Evans and Mrs. Tiffany M. Evans
Mr. Andrew A. Iacobelli
Mrs. Alicia M. Lane
Mr. Sean P. McNally
Ms. Shauna N. Murphy
Mr. Rudolf Pohlreich

Class of 2004
Ms. Katherine A. Crowley
Mr. Bradley N. Deacon
Ms. Marie A. Gordon
Mr. Kenneth P. Lane
Mr. Charles A. Lawler and Mrs. Karen E. Lawler
Ms. Donna K. Mallonee
Mrs. Veronica V. McNally
Mrs. Heidi B. Taylor Murray
Mr. Karl T. Ondersma and Mrs. Deborah Ondersma
Trustee Jennifer R. Poteat and Mr. Michael Staebler
Ms. Rana Razzaque
Mrs. Summer T. Schriner and Dr. Ian O. Smith
Mr. Brandon S. Sherman
Ms. Meghan K. Short
Mrs. Heidi B. Taylor Murphy
Mr. Joshua M. Wease

Class of 2005
Ms. Patricia A. Bolen
Ms. Lori A. Blankenship
Mr. Matthew A. Brooks
Mr. Ryan J. Clarkson
Mr. Timothy S. Cordes
Mr. Matthew E. Dyson
Mr. Ronald L. Estes
Ms. Mahbuba Fidda
Ms. Kathryn E. Fort
Mr. Thomas W. James and Mrs. Angela M. James
Mr. James M. Johnson
Mr. Mckane H. Johnson
Ms. Christina V. Kennedy
Mr. Diab H. Rizk and Mrs. Laura K. Murphy-Rizk
Mr. Aaron L. Vorce and Mrs. Jenifer M. Vorce
Mr. Michael J. Wilson

Class of 2006
Mrs. Maricela Amezola
Mr. Eric C. Bartley and Dr. Jamie M. Bartley
Ms. Cheryl A. Brunner and Mr. Nicolas W. Brunner
Mr. Jeffrey T. Gedeon
Mrs. Barbarose Guastello
Mr. Jeffrey D. Holst
Ms. Kaitlin A. Huber
Ms. Joanna C. Kloet
Mr. Andrew T. Prins
Ms. Nina G. Thekdi
Mr. Thomas J. Wood

Class of 2007
Mr. Bryan J. Beck
Mr. Ryan D. Byers
Ms. Sherri M. Carr
Mr. Kevin E. Clinesmith
Mr. Reid M. Demanche and Dr. Elizabeth M. Petsche
Mr. Joel C. Farrar
Mrs. Carrie R. Feeheley
Mr. Jay S. Goldbaum and Mrs. Kristin L. Goldbaum
Ms. Colleen K. Gomos
Mrs. Mary C. Hobson
Mr. Caleb L. Marker
Mrs. Kristen M. McCarthy
Trustee Bryan T. Newland
Mr. Robert T. Schindler and Mrs. Danielle Schindler
Mr. Michael J. Winfield
Mr. Robert T. Worthington

Class of 2008
Ms. Paige H. Bachand
Mr. James F. Berkemeier
Mr. Colin F. Boes and Ms. Alessa J. Boes
Ms. Mary A. Bowen
Ms. Mariko Yamamoto-Burrell
Mr. Thomas W. Coke and Ms. Kelly K. Hugh
Mr. Clarence R. Dobronski, III
Mr. Brent L. Domann and Mrs. Valerie C. Domann
Ms. Stephanie T. Goecke
Mr. David A. Grant
Mr. Joshua A. Huber
Mr. Jarrett E. Levine and Mrs. Jennifer Levine
Mr. Matthew T. Rugg
Mr. Jeffery J. Sattler
Ms. Teresa M. Svec
Mr. Li Zhuang
Ms. Jessica L. Zimbelman

Class of 2009
Mr. Bradley L. Dizik
Ms. Jodi M. Fox
Ms. Leigh A. Hansmann and Mr. Zachary D. Hansmann
Mr. Philip M. Jacques and Mrs. Meredith L. Jacques
Mr. Martin B. Peters
Mr. Che B. Peterson
Mr. Robert J. Rosin
Mr. Ryan E. Scharar
Mr. Abijah P. Taylor
Mrs. Karrie S. Wichtman

Class of 2010
Ms. Bridgette M. Austin
Mr. Patrick K. Burns
Mr. Mario A. Cascante
Ms. Sarah M. Elkins
Mr. Philip L. Ellison
Mr. Todd D. Fraley and Ms. Ashley M. Beech
Ms. Amy L. Hough
Ms. Jean M. Ingersoll
Mr. Douglas E. Koenig
Mr. Brian A. LaVictoire and Mrs. Jennifer J. LaVictoire
Mr. James M. Leiby and Mrs. Karen Leiby
Mrs. Elisa J. Lintemuth
Mr. Andrew T. Lloyd
Mr. Guillermo M. Magana
Mr. David C. Matelski
Mr. Anthony C. Mrzlack and Mrs. Allena K. Mrzlack
Mr. Randall J. Peck
Mr. Erik F. Sanborn and Mrs. Kristine M. Sanborn
Mr. Adam J. Schlusler
Mr. Christopher R. Slavin and Mrs. Meghan R. Slavin
Mr. Nathan P. Sportel
Ms. Emily M. Stachowicz
Mr. Zacharie A. Stephen
Mr. Thomas J. Vitale
Mr. Jason L. Weiner

Class of 2011
Mr. Matthew R. Daniels
Mr. Michael R. Daum
Ms. Cristy M. Devos
Ms. Rachel K. Dowell
Mr. Octavio Duran, Jr.
Mrs. Allison L. Eicher and Mr. Jason L. Eicher
Mr. Jeremiah L. Fanslau
Ms. Denise J. Fesdjian
Ms. Mallory A. Field
Ms. Melissa M. Forshey
Mr. Tyler D. Gaastra and Mrs. Maryland Gaastra
Mrs. Elinor R. Jordan and Mr. Marty P. Jordan
Mr. Nicholas A. Kipa
Ms. Jennifer L. Long
Mr. Michael T. McKay
Mr. David B. Meyer
Ms. Kelechi N. Nnodim
Mr. Scott M. Nowak
Mr. Ryan J. Peruski
Mr. Zachary A. Risk
Mr. Adam D. Rumschlag
Mr. David W. Thompson
Ms. Carrie M. Waggoner
Mr. Nicholas D. Weier

Class of 2012
Ms. Carlie A. Bucciere
Mr. Robert T. Carollo, Jr. and Mrs. Lauren E. Carollo
Mr. Michael R. Colasanti
Mr. Jerome Crawford
Mr. Evan S. Gaines
Mr. Bryan J. Genrich
Ms. Jessica D. Haelewyn
 Jennifer M. Lipinski
Ms. Shawna M. Mack
Ms. Jessica L. Maschinski
Mr. Andrew T. Moore
Ms. Sarah L. Primrose and Mr. Jack McCloskey
Ms. Stephanie L. Rutkoske
Ms. Reshma M. Sambare
Ms. Christina L. Scharar
Mr. Jason M. Schmidt and Dr. Elizabeth M. Schmidt
Mrs. Christina M. Thompson
Ms. Natalie Weiss
Ms. Mingwei yan

Class of 2013
Dr. Reid A. Baldwin and Mrs. Julie K. Baldwin
Mr. Jeremy J. Bebermeyer
Ms. Nadia J. Bitar
Ms. Shannon L. DiRado
Ms. Elizabeth A. Drettmann
Mr. Jacob W. Early
Mr. Jonathan S. Edwards
Mrs. Leah G. Essenmacher
Ms. Hazel C. Gooding
Mr. Tanner L. Guthrie
Ms. Cassie J. Hare
Mr. Goldwyn B. Harper, Jr.
Ms. Namira Islam
Mr. Christopher L. Jackson
Ms. Catherine W. Karanja
Mr. Joseph K. Kelly
Mr. Patrick L. Obrien
Ms. Alexandra H. Rumschlag
Mr. William Saintilus
Mr. Kyle A. Schwark
Mr. James S. Vicchairelli

Class of 2014
Mr. Jason R. Bart
Mr. Daniel J. Berkowitz
Mrs. Kimberly S. Buddin-Crawford
Mr. Brian R. Cullin
Ms. Nola M. Garcia
Mr. Brian H. Hanning
Mr. Chase A. Hertel
Mr. Nicholas A. Kipa
Mr. Louis T. Kraus, Jr.
Ms. Kathryn Larlee
Mr. Kevin C. Majewski
Mr. Leopold Nsengiyumva
Ms. Samantha R. Schnoerr
Ms. Evgeniya Shakina
Mr. Michael Shpunt
Mr. John G. Simermeyer
Ms. Melissa A. Vatterott

Class of 2015
Mr. Kyle M. Asher
Mr. Daniel J. Brick
Mr. Richard T. Burrow
Mrs. Jessica L. Colasanti
Mr. Allen C. Clarkson and Mrs. Lee R. Clarkson
Ms. Amy L. Foerster
Mr. Joshua M. Halen
Mr. David M. Klevorn and Ms. Aimee R. Klevorn
Mrs. Lisa A. Leger
Mr. Emerson W. Merkerson, III
Ms. Briana K. Rowe
Mr. David B. Rozanski
Mr. Jacob M. Satin
Ms. Erin E. Sweeney
Mr. Mario A. Talerico
Ms. Cassandra D. Thorndill and Mr. Heath J. Thorndill
Mr. Samuel S. Voyles
Mr. Justin M. Williams
Ms. Mingwei Yan

Class of 2016
Ms. Esther H. Acosta
Ms. Bdour M. Albader
Ms. Adrienne A. Anderson
Mr. Brian D. Anhalt
Ms. Corrinna R. Bailey
Ms. Angela L. Baldwin
Ms. Kyla L. Barranco
Mr. Nicholas A. Bohney
Ms. Katrina E. Brundage
Ms. Kelsey N. Brunette
Mr. Andrew C. Burrows
Ms. Harriet L. Cable
Ms. Abigail E. Chacon
Ms. Alexis V. Cole
Ms. Claire M. Corsey
Mr. Jesse M. DePauw
Mr. Etienne L. Mengou-Dimithe
Mr. Patrick F. Downey
Mr. Daniel E. Elliott
Ms. Crystal B. Figueroa
Ms. Joan C. Fletcher
Ms. Rebecca A. Gean
Ms. Autumn C. Gear
Mr. Ivan Gonzalez
Ms. Katharine W. Gostek
Mr. Kyle R. Gough
Mr. Frederick B. Gullett
Mr. Deandre Harris
Ms. Alexa L. Herlosky
Ms. Kelly L. Herrmann
Ms. Barbara A. Hulick
Ms. Juliet R. Iacona
Ms. Ines Indrakumaran
Mr. Kevin B. Jackson
Ms. Emily A. Jefferson
Ms. Patricia N. Jjemba
Mr. Ronald D. Johnson, Jr.
Mr. Andrew J. Jurgensen
Mr. Jonathan Katzman
Mr. Koro E. Khamo
Ms. Hailey R. Kimball
Ms. Elizabeth C. Kingston
Mr. Joshua R. Labar
Ms. Cassandra L. Leo
Mr. Aaron W. Levin
Ms. Margaret E. Louks
Ms. Jennifer K. Manns
Mr. Collin A. Marcicki
Mr. Wesley M. Margeson
Ms. Ekaterina Y. Markova
Ms. Tamara A. Marques
Ms. Katelyn N. Matych
Ms. Lynnette M. Mcdonough
Mr. Brent S. Moffett
Mr. Matthew N. Morrow
Mrs. Hyun A. Muniz
Ms. Jennifer L. Muse
Mr. William S. Nahikian
Ms. Andrea Ng
Ms. Alexandra N. Nienaber
Mr. Timothy J. Oconnor
Ms. Jessica A. Odell
Mr. Daniel E. Oliva
Mr. Michael L. Olson
Mr. Jeremy F. Orr
Mr. Kyle J. Ortiz
Ms. Janice Pan
Mr. Steven A. Paysinger
Ms. Janee T. Prince
Ms. Veronika Rados
Ms. Amanda L. Rakos
Ms. Samantha L. Reasner
Mr. Kevin J. Rogers
Ms. Madeline A. Ross
Ms. Courtney L. Schoch
Ms. Natalie I. Schultz
Mrs. Devon E. Schulz and Mr. Robert W. Schulz
Ms. Morgan D. Schut
Mr. Joshua C. Showalter and Mrs. Rachel L. Showalter
Mr. Jack T. Sklarski
Ms. Samantha M. Smith
Ms. Lauren E. Spencer
Ms. Deema F. Tarazi
Ms. Michelle E. Urbanek
Ms. Mikkaela N. Vellis
Mr. Paul M. Vogel
Mr. Alexander L. Waldman
Ms. Patricia M. Weir
Ms. Paula R. Willuweit

Ms. Dalia Abdow
Ms. Alicia R. Abella
Mr. Henry Abrams
Mr. Sean E. Acosta
Mrs. Deborah J. Adams-Almasy and Mr. Nick E. Almasy Jr.
Mr. Raghav Agnihotri
Ms. Deborah S. Albano
Ms. Theresa L. Allen and Mr. David R. Allen
Mr. Jesse Alvarez
Ms. Lauren E. Anderson
Mrs. Carol M. Apol
Mr. Nikita V. Artaev
Mr. Alexander M. August
Ms. Laetitia Auguste
Ms. Ernscie Augustin
Mr. Randy Avery and Mrs. Tonya Avery
Ms. Erin E. Avey
Ms. Barbra A. Baeten
Ms. Jessica E. Baker
Ms. Laurel C. Baker
Mr. Anthony M. Balaj
Mr. Joseph B. Baldori
Ms. Jamie J. Balli
Mr. Scott Banister and Mrs. Cyan Banister
Ms. Hilary M. Barnard
Prof. Daniel D. Barnhizer and Mrs. Christa Barnhizer
Mr. Marc Barron
Ms. Laura E. Bassett
Mrs. Marilyn Batchelor and Mr. Dean R. Batchelor
Ms. Sarah K. Bauman
Ms. Jacklyn A. Beard
Mr. Zachary P. Beatty
Mr. Patrick J. Beauchamp
Ms. Samantha R. Beberfall
Mr. Jeremy L. Belanger
Mr. Kyle L. Bell
Ms. Rebecca A. Berels
Prof. Susan Bitensky and Mr. Elliot L. Meyrowitz
Asst. Prof. David Blankfein-Tabachnick
Ms. Rhonda Bleisner and Mr. Tim Bleisner
Mr. Richard Bockoff and Mrs. Sharon Bockoff
Mr. Evan M. Bonnstetter
Mr. Howard M. Borin and Mrs. Beth A. Borin
Mr. Richard Borth
Ms. Kristiana P. Boutell
Assoc. Dean Kristi L. Bowman and Dr. Gabriel D. Wrobel
Mr. Paul D. Boysal
Mrs. Kristin G. Bradley and Mr. Russell K. Bradley
Ms. Rebecca N. Bradley
Prof. Hannah J. Brenner
Ms. Alexa R. Brewer
Mr. Andrew W. Brockman
Ms. Madeline M. Brown
Mr. Jonathan D. Brown
Mr. Christian R. Bucey
Ms. Joyce E. Buckley
Mr. Richard Buckley
Ms. Lori A. Buiteweg
Ms. Morgan M. Buller
Mr. Andrew M. Burgess
Mr. Cash Butler
Mr. Michael Callahan
Prof. Adam Candeub and Ms. Julie M. Taiber
Mr. Franklin M. Carey
Ms. Amanda J. Carmichael
Ms. Dawn M. Carter
Assoc. Prof. Jennifer D. Carter-Johnson and Mr. Jeffrey S. Carter-Johnson
Mrs. Tina K. Casoli and Mr. Daniel Casoli
Mrs. Jaimey B. Castillo
Mr. Taylor C. Cawley
Ms. Alexa K. Chally
Mr. Maurice A. Cheeks
Prof. James M. Chen and Ms. Heather E. Worland Chen
Asst. Prof. Bruce M. Ching
Hon. Eric W. Cholack
Mrs. Mary H. Christy
Mr. Paul Christy
Mr. Christopher A. Colasanti and Mrs. Jessica L. Colasanti
Prof. Jennifer L. Copland
Mr. Thomas W. Cranmer and Ms. Maria K. Cranmer
Ms. Kylie E. Cumback
Mr. Charles M. Curts
Assoc. Prof. Tiffani N. Darden and Mr. Roberto Colon
Ms. Myeta S. Davis
Dr. Noel E. Day
Ms. Andrea Dickson
Trustee Frederick D. Dilley and Mrs. Elizabeth E. Dilley
Ms. Ashley A. Dillingham
Mr. Dave Dirkse and Mrs. Pamela A. Dirkse
Dr. Tracy A. Dobson
Mr. Brent L. Domann and Mrs. Valerie C. Domann
Ms. Robin M. Doutre
Mr. Matthew T. Drury
Mr. Matthew Duda
Ms. Ashlee N. Duplessis
Mr. Chad M. Duschinsky
Ms. Talbot A. Eckweiler
Mr. Paul W. Edwards
Mrs. Teresa Eldred and Mr. Aaron Eldred
Mr. Lawrence M. Elkus
Ms. Brittney K. Ellis
Mr. Hassan N. Elsouri
Mr. Michael H. Fabian
Mr. David N. Falstein
Hon. Joseph J. Farah and Ms. Andrea L. LeGendre
Prof. David S. Favre and Mrs. Martha E. Favre
Ms. Sophia Feng
Mr. James K. Fett
Ms. Celeste Filiatrault
Ms. Jessica M. Filiatrault
Ms. Margaret A. Filiatrault
Mrs. Ann D. Fillingham and Mr. Brian Fillingham
Mr. Howard Fingeroot
Mr. Adam M. Fishkind and Mrs. Jennifer L. Fishkind
Ms. Lauren K. Flamang
Prof. Matthew Fletcher and Prof. Wenona T. Singel
Ms. Ruthanne Flory
Ms. Kiffi Y. Ford
Mr. Michael V. Foster II
Ms. Gabrielle M. Fournier
Dr. Jeremy B. Francis and Dr. Andrea P. Francis
Mr. Alexander B. Frazier
Mr. John A. Garcia and Mrs. Amy Lura Arnold-Garcia
Mr. Joseph A. Garcia and Mrs. Sarah Garcia
Mr. Timothy T. Garmo
Ms. Stephanie E. Garris
Ms. Marissa A. Geyer
Assoc. Prof. Brian Gilmore and Mrs. Elanna N. Haywood
Mr. Vincent Giovanni
Mr. Collin R. Good
Mr. Gary P. Gordon and Mrs. Jennifer S. Gordon
Mrs. Sigrid Grace
Mr. Paul N. Graham and Dr. Nancy B. Graham
Mrs. Lisa Grant and Hon. Barry M. Grant
Ms. Celeste M. Greenwald
Mr. Chaz J. Gross
Prof. Catherine M. Grosso and Prof. Stephen P. Gasteyer
Mrs. Sandra A. Guarnieri
Mr. Luke Hackney
Mr. Richard E. Hagerty and Ms. Susan J. Hackett
Mrs. Sarah E. Haigh and Mr. Jason Haigh
Ms. Denise L. Haley
Mr. Maurice Haley and Mrs. Margaret Haley
Ms. Katelyn E. Hall
Prof. Michele L. Halloran and Mr. Robert W. Halloran
Ms. Courtney M. Hammer
Ms. Hildur Hanna
Mr. Andrew E. Hargrove
Mr. David Haron and Mrs. Pamela Haron
Mr. Robert S. Harrison and Mrs. Susan D. Harrison
Mrs. Janet C. Harvey-Clark
Mr. Matthew X. Hauser
Ms. Abigail R. Hawley
Mr. Michael J. Healy
Prof. Emeritus Nancy D. Heathcote and Mr. William L. Heathcote
Ms. Regina M. Henenlotter
Ms. Angela N. Herman
Ms. Kellina Y. Heylek
Mr. Timothy C. Hooyenga
Mr. Nicholas J. Horaney
Mr. Jared M. Horowitz
Ms. Susan J. Houseknecht
Ms. Mia K. Howard
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Howe and Mr. Franklin E. Howe, Jr.
Prof. Joan W. Howarth and Ms. Carmen Estrada
Ms. Kaitlyn N. Huber
Mr. James J. Hunter
Ms. Catherine H. Hurth
Mr. Mark A. Iafrate
Ms. Wedad Y. Ibrahim
Ms. Geraldine F. Ingold
Ms. Vetone M. Ivezaj
Mrs. Josephine Jabara and Mr. James S. Jabara
Ms. Zoe L. Jackson
Assoc. Dean Melanie B. Jacobs and Mr. Shane A. Broyles
Mr. Sam R. Jadaoun and Mrs. Juliana H. Hanna
Mr. Austin M. James
Ms. Maria Jandernoa
Ms. Fuluny Jang
Trustee Charles A. Janssen and Mrs. Lea Anne L. Janssen
Ms. Kelsey M. Janssen
Trustee Wallace B. Jefferson and Mrs. Rhonda Lewis Jefferson
Mr. W. Anthony Jenkins
Mr. John J. Jerry Jr. and Mrs. Nancy Jerry
Prof. Emeritus Clark C. Johnson
Ms. Brittany A. Johnson
Ms. Brittany R. Jones
Ms. Mackenzie L. Jordan
Mr. Anthony J. Juszak
Ms. Lauren S. Kallabat
Prof. Brian C. Kalt and Mrs. Sara K. Kalt
Ms. Kelly E. Kane
Mr. Burt Kassab
Mrs. Patricia Keijonen and Mr. Robert D. Keijonen
Mr. Evan B. Keimach
Ms. Shalah K. Keith
Ms. Chelsea L. Kendziorski
Mrs. Gay L. Kent and Mr. Joseph C. Kent
Ms. Calla R. Ketchens
Mr. Rahul Khetrapal
Mr. James P. Kiefer and Mrs. Melody L. Kiefer
Mr. Sameul R. Kilberg
Mr. Verelle H. Kirkwood
Ms. Courtney F. Kissel
Ms. Lauren E. Kissel
Mr. Gary Klein
Ms. Kaitlin E. Klemp
Prof. Renee N. Knake
Mr. David C. Koelsch and Mrs. Amy L. Koelsch
Mr. David Kramer
Ms. Marissa K. Kreutzfeld
Ms. Amy Krieger
Ms. Mary Kucharek
Mrs. Sally S. Kuhn
Mr. Kevin L. Kula
Ms. Kelly A. Kussmaul
Prof. Mae Kuykendall
Mr. James C. LaMacchia II
Mrs. Heather M. Lamb
Assoc. Dean Richard C. Lameti and Mrs. Marti Lameti
Mr. Brandon P. Lanyon
Assoc. Prof. Stephanie L. LaRose
Prof. Michael A. Lawrence and Assoc. Prof. Deanne A. Lawrence
Prof. Ann M. Lawton
Mr. Gray L. Laxton
Trustee H. Douglas Laycock and President Teresa A. Sullivan
Ms. Caitlain E. Lea
Ms. Morgan L. Lear
Mr. Sukkyun S. Lee
Hon. Charles L. Levin
Prof. Noga Morag-Levine and Mr. Jonathan Levine
Mr. Daniel W. Linna, Jr.
Dr. Celso B. Lobao
Ms. Lydia K. Locklear
Mr. Staton R. Lottmann
Mr. Heath B. Lowry
Ms. Nina E. Lucido
Mr. Matthew A. Lupo
Ms. Elizabeth A. Major
Mr. Alexander S. Mallory
Mr. Peter Mansour
Asst. Prof. Sammy M. Mansour
Mr. Daniel E. Manville
Mr. Morris Margulies
Mrs. Jennifer J. Markey
Ms. Dana A. Marquez
Ms. Andrea Marshall Besley
Mrs. Sheryl T. Matsudo and Mr. Dean I. Matsudo
Mrs. Diane Nye Mattick and Mr. Bill Mattick
Ms. Kailen C. Maynard
Ms. Lori M. McAllister
Ms. Delanie M. Mccabe
Mr. Kevin T. Mccarthy
Ms. Courtney B. Mccausland
Ms. Jordan E. Mcclain
Mr. Robert A. McCormick and Prof. Amy C. McCormick
Ms. Sarah A. Mccormick
Ms. Charlotte E. Mccray
Ms. Hilary J. Mcdaniel
Mr. Andrew R. Mcinnis
Mr. John E. Mcintosh, IV
Mr. Andrew B. Mckeachie
Hon. David W. McKeague and Mrs. Nancy P. McKeague
Ms. Ladierdre D. Mckinney
Trustee Richard D. McLellan
Trustee Colleen M. McNamara
Ms. Mollie M. Mcsweeney
Ms. Mallorie A. Mecham
Ms. Jane M. Meland
Prof. Nicholas Mercuro
Mr. Christopher Mhike
Mr. Christopher Michles
Mr. David S. Mittleman and Mrs. Jill P. Mittleman
Mr. Ashkan R. Mizani
Ms. Irene Mo
Mr. Callum S. Morris
Mr. Matthew S. Motley
Ms. K. Brooke Moynihan
Mr. Joseph D. Mullin
Ms. Sheila Murugan
Ms. Donna D. Musolli
Mr. Scott J. Nagele and Mrs. LaRay C. Nagele
Ms. Julie Nelson-Klein
Mr. James M. Nicholson and Mrs. Mary E. Nicholson
Mr. Paul L. Nine and Mrs. Susan D. Nine
Ms. Anna D. Norman
Mrs. Madeline V. Nurming-Por
Asst. Prof. Barbara M. O’Brien and Dr. Richard E. Lucas
Ms. Ruthanne Okun
Mr. Paolo R. Olavario
Dr. Michaela W. Oldfield
Ms. Amanda J. Olivier and Dr. Nicholas B. Olivier
Mr. Tanner K. Olson
Mrs. Paula A. Opalewski
Mr. Micaiah J. Owens
Prof. Sean A. Pager and Ms. Sheryl R. Groden
Prof. Brian A. Pappas and Mrs. Deborah A. Pappas
Mr. Chase M. Parker
Mr. Jeffery Parsigian
Mr. Sahil P. Patel
Ms. Victoria R. Paton
Mr. Robert L. Patterson
Ms. Christine A. Pattison
Mrs. Charlotte A. Paul and Mr. Robert F. Paul, III
Ms. Monica E. Payne
Ms. Sarah K. Payne
Ms. Andrea Pearce
Mrs. Daryl L. Pender and Mr. Timothy L. Pender
Mr. Michael D. Penny
Mr. Steven S. Perlman
Mr. William J. Perrone and Mrs. Pamela J. Perrone
Ms. Kirsten Y. Perry
Mr. Clarence L. Perry
Ms. Alix M. Phillips
Mr. Mitchell G. Piper
Mr. John D. Pirich and Mrs. Mary Beth Pirich
Ms. Morgan E. Pitz
Mrs. Frumeth Polasky and Mr. Frank M. Polasky
Dean Lawrence Ponoroff and Mrs. Monica Ponoroff
Mrs. Erica M. Porter
Mr. Jonathan W. Powell
Ms. Tonya N. Price
Ms. Goldie Pritchard
Prof. Philip A. Pucillo and Mrs. Antoinette Pucillo
Prof. Emeritus Brenda J. Quick and Prof. Emeritus Albert T. Quick
Ms. Alexandra E. Racette
Mr. Juan S. Ramirez
Ms. Adriane N. Rasmussen
Prof. Frank S. Ravitch
Prof. John W. Reifenberg Jr. and Mrs. Janet O. Reifenberg
Dr. Robert W. Reinhardt, Jr. and Mrs. Cheryl Reinhardt
Mr. Nathan Resnick
Mr. John W. Resnik, III
Mr. John A. Resotko and Mrs. Christine M. Martin-Resotko
Ms. Sally Rice
Mr. Ronald B. Rich
Mr. Timothy M. Riley
Ms. Madeline Rivlin
Mr. Syed K. Rizvi
Mr. Michael A. Robbins
Mr. Zachary M. Roberts
Ms. Jill E. Roberts
Asst. Dean Charles W. Roboski
Mrs. Barbara J. Rom
Ms. Linda L. Romanow
Trustee G. S. Romney and Mrs. Sheri L. Romney
Prof. George T. Roumell, Jr. and Ms. Affie Roumell
Prof. Jennifer A. Rosa and Mr. Daniel Rosa
Mr. Matthew N. Ross
Mr. Lucas H. Rubenstein
Mr. Erwin A. Rubenstein
Mr. Christopher M. Rutowski and Mrs. Michelle M. Rutowski
Mr. Thomas J. Ryan
Ms. Nicole A. Samuel
Prof. Michael Sant’Ambrogio
Mr. Leo Savoie
Ms. Katelyn A. Schaffer
Mr. Bryan L. Schefman
Mr. Caleb Schureb
Mr. John W. Schwend
Mr. Tyler M. Seling
Ms. Justina L. Shabazz
Ms. Patricia Shek
Mr. Jeffrey A. Sherman
Mr. Larry H. Sherman
Mr. Joshua C. Showalter and Mrs. Rachel L. Showalter
Mr. Kyle J. Simon
Mr. Anthony P. Sinishtaj
Mr. William A. Smarsch and Mrs. Leah V. Smarsch
Mr. Ian Smith
Ms. Melanie L. Smith
Ms. Jennifer S. Smith
Ms. Haley Smolinski
Prof. Elliot A. Spoon and Ms. Madalyn Spoon
Prof. Cynthia L. Starnes
Assoc. Dean Glen A. Staszewski and Mrs. Ellen S. Armentrout
Mr. Sheldon Stern
Mrs. Joanne E. Stewart and Mr. Richard M. Stewart
Mr. Paul A. Stewart
Ms. Sabrina Stewart
Ms. Hannah L. Stocker
Asst. Prof. Paul R. Stokstad and Prof. Paula M. Winke
Prof. Bradford Stone and Ms. Beverly F. Stone
Mr. Andrew J. Stover
Mr. Larry J. Stringer and Mrs. Barbara J. Stringer
Dr. Stuart H. Teger and Dr. Janelle M. Konstam
Assoc. Dean Charles J. Ten Brink
Mr. Bruce C. Thelen
Mr. Dale R. Thielbar
Ms. Taylor K. Thomas
Assoc. Dean David B. Thronson and Asst. Prof. Veronica T. Thronson
Ms. Kirstin E. Tiffany
Ms. Tamara Todorovic
Ms. Joanna C. Tomaszewski
Prof. Mark A. Totten and Mrs. Kristin R Totten
Ms. Candie Tou
Ms. Taylor R. Traynoff
Mr. Tanner C. Trombley
Ms. Barbara J. Umlauf
Ms. Victoria E. Urbach
Ms. Kendall L. Vanameyde
Mr. Nicholas J. Vandecastle
Ms. Brandy L. Vandenbrook
Ms. Winifred G. Vanharen
Mr. Manaire T. Vaughn
Mr. Michael P. Vecchioni and Ms. Kimberly A. Vecchioni
Ms. Brianna R. Venturo
Ms. Hilary L. Vigil
Ms. Kate L. Wakeman
Mr. Aaron J. Walden
Mr. James M. Wang
Mr. Chad F. Watson
Mr. Zachary C. Wedig
Mr. Scott Weinberg
Mr. Daniel J. Weiner and Mrs. Lisa S. Weiner
Mr. Arthur A. Weiss
Ms. Anita S. Western
Mr. Timothy J. Westrate, Jr.
Ms. Beth Wey and Mr. Terry Wey
Ms. Stephanie B. White
Ms. Angela C. White
Mr. Alasdair F. Whitney
Mr. Ronald E. Whitney
Ms. Beth Wickwire
Mr. Nathan M. Wiebenga
Mr. Wendell A. Wilk and Mrs. Susan J. Wilk
Ms. Kimberly A. Wilkes
Mrs. Gail Williams and Mr. David Williams, II
Mr. Kevan J. Williams
Mrs. Lisa E. Willson
Ms. Paula R. Willuweit
Ms. Kayla L. Wilson
Mr. Dexter J. Wilson
Mr. John M. Wisman
Ms. Natalie J. Witter
Prof. Nicholas J. Wittner and Mrs. Cynthia M. Wittner
Mr. Lawrence C. Wong
Mr. Andrew R. Wood
Mr. Austin M. Wright
Ms. Sydney E. Wright
Mr. David D. Yanagi
Hon. Thomas C. Yeotis and Mrs. Magdalene L. Yeotis
Ms. Lorryn P. Young
Mr. Benjamin L. Zakaria
Mr. Noah S. Zeidan

Ally Financial, Inc.
Anqi Sushi
Association of the Study of Free Institutions
Auto-Owners Insurance Company
BarBri of Michigan
Beggars Banquet Restaurant
Button Eddy Kolb & Sorrentino, PLLC
Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP
Candlewood Suites
Casey Family Programs
Clark Hill, PLC
Collins and Blaha, P.C.
Deloitte Foundation
Deneweth, Dugan & Parfitt, P.C.
Dentons US
Douglas J. Aveda Institute
Elder Law of Michigan
Ernst & Young Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation
FINRA Investor Education Foundation
Foods for Living
Foster Swift Collins & Smith
Gasiorek Morgan Greco and McCauley
Grand Traverse Pie Company
Hal & Jean Glassen Memorial Foundation
Harrison Roadhouse
Hogen Adams PLLC
Richard and Nancy Heiss Family Foundation
Hogen Adams PLLC
Ida & Benjamin Alpert Foundation
Jackson Lewis
Jackson National Life Insurance Company
Jakeway, Jakeway, Jakeway
Jersey Mike’s
Kanji & Katzen
Kaplan Education Center
Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP
Kirk Huth Lange & Badalamenti PLC
Legalease Solution
Leo’s Coney Island
Lexis-Nexis Group
Michigan Association of School Boards
Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service
Michigan State Bar Foundation
MSU Culinary Services Operations
MSU Federal Credit Union
NCG Cinemas
Old Chicago
Outback Steakhouse
Owen Graduate Association
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton, Garrison Charitable Gift Fund
PepsiCo Foundation
Pinball Pete’s
Pita Pit
Plante & Moran, PLLC
Plunkett Cooney, P.C.
Remedi Spa and Wellness
Rosette LLP Attorneys at Law
Rothstein, Donatelli, Hughes, Dahlstrom, Schoenburg,Bienvenu
Sonosky, Chambers, Sachse, Endreson & Perry, LLP
State Bar of Michigan
Sultan’s Mediterranean Cuisine & Bakery
Sundance Jewelry
TJ Maxx
Target Corporation
The Chickasaw Nation
The Harold & Marion Gordon Foundation
The Harry A. & Margaret D. Towsley Foundation
The Lupton Family
The Peanut Barrel Restaurant
The Riv
The Whiting
Themis Bar Review
Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt & Howlett LLP
Vera Institute of Justice
VMware Foundation
White, Schneider, Young & Chiodini, P.C.
Wimar Tahoe Corporation
Witenoff Family

† Indicates deceased

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