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Message from Dean Joan Howarth

We invite you – as donors, alumni and friends – to partner with us in advancing the mission and goals of MSU College of Law. Your generous philanthropic support and continued involvement directly impacts law students today and in the future.

Dean Howarth The hours of preparation and presentation that go into a law career begin here. Learning how to prepare a case for trial, presenting evidence in the courtroom and drawing up solid legal documents are at the core of a lawyer’s expertise. Business executives with law degrees form the backbone of companies worldwide. Many of our graduates apply the knowledge learned in law school to non-traditional settings. Whether it’s building the legal framework to harvest drought-resistant crops in third-world countries, serving as administrators or board members of nonprofits, or addressing legal issues for start-up firms, their education has a powerful impact on individuals, companies and government.

With each law degree that our students earn, society benefits from improved access to the legal system, the quest for justice, and representation by lawyers well versed in new legal developments and the letter of the law. Business success is advanced by sound legal principles.

MSU College of Law does not receive money from the State of Michigan or Michigan State University. We remain a private, not-for-profit organization. Tuition covers the majority of costs for a law school education, but not the entire cost. Gifts to MSU College of Law have become essential to delivering an exceptional education, especially for some of the brightest students who otherwise could not afford tuition. Many of our alumni could not have attended the law college had it not been for scholarships. We welcome your involvement as donors, alumni, volunteers and friends.


Joan W. Howarth, Dean and Professor of Law

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