MSU College of Law


Excellence builds through sustained funding. One of the best ways to achieve this is by endowing programs, chairs and scholarships to ensure that they have solid financial funding for years to come. Our endowments begin at $30,000, with naming opportunities, funded fully at its initiation or made as a pledge, payable over up to five years. Donors may contribute any amount to an existing endowed program or pool resources with other like-mined individuals or companies to create a new endowment.

An endowed gift keeps the principle intact while a portion of earned interest is applied annually to the program being funded and the balance is reinvested for continued growth. Planned gifts may also be used to create endowed funds.

Planned Giving

As you reflect on the successes of your lifetime – and factor in your education – you may be inclined to provide an opportunity that could benefit law students or advance an entire program at MSU College of Law. Such a gift can be achieved by designating MSU College of Law as a beneficiary in your will, estate plan, retirement account or other financial plans. In addition to benefiting the college and its students, such a gift can reduce income taxes, avoid capital gains and estate taxes, increase spendable income, and/or reduce the cost of estate settlement.  

One example is a charitable gift annuity, in which the donor transfers stocks, cash, bonds, real estate, or IRAs to MSU College of Law.  A predetermined and fixed amount is then paid annually to the donor until the time of his or her death when the gift and all future proceeds benefit MSU College of Law.   Donors also receive a charitable tax deduction.

To facilitate a planned gift, please contact Office of Advancement 517/432-6840 or We can discuss with you and your advisors how a planned gift to MSU College of Law can also meet your financial goals. For sample text to be used in your planned gift, you are invited to share this information with your attorney or advisor. Also see: Law Planned Giving Society for donor recognition.