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Eve August Remembered

Eve August

The family of deceased student, Eve August, who was killed during the 1982 Buhl Building office shooting, was again remembered this summer by family, friends, and alumni. Dean Howarth and others from MSU Law attended the recent memorial celebration of the anniversary of her death.

“The Law College is pleased to be able to support current students with the Eve August Moot Court Scholarship,” said Dean Howarth.

The Scholarship was established in her honor and will be presented this school year.

Ironically, David Ottenwess, who graduated from the Detroit College of Law in 1986 was the first recipient of the Eve August Scholarship. He currently houses his law firm in the Buhl Building and also hosted the memorial there. Ottenwess, along with his wife, Stephanie, and his firm together pledge $50,000 in support of the Scholarship.

For the family, the scholarship was another chance to find a little peace even as the sense of loss remains strong after all these decades.

"I will no longer be haunted by the Buhl Building," said younger brother Alex August. "Instead of being the place where my sister died, it's going to be the place where she's remembered."

To learn more about this scholarship or to donate please contact April Jones at or call 517.432.6982.

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