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MSU College of Law

Memories of Professor Apol

I will always remember Professor Apol for bringing laughter into the classroom and providing a low stress learning environment. Not only was it a great class that I looked forward to attending (extremely rare during the first year of law school), but now as I study for the Bar exam, Criminal Law is my best subject because it was taught to me so well.

Thanks a lot Professor Apol. Hopefully you find Baby Warmke.

— Anonymous

If Professor Apol stressed one piece of advice to Crim Pro students, it was . . . “Always sit near the button!”

— Brian Mitchell Warshawsky

Professor Apol was one of my favorite law professors. One fond memory is the day I decided to wear a one-piece red, yes RED, pantsuit with RED shoes on the day of criminal law. As my classmates withdrew from me in fear (and laughter), I tried to cover up as much red as possible with a coat. I sat waiting and hoping to escape the inevitable grilling, but to no avail. Professor Apol walked in and almost got whiplash as his head spun in my direction. I learned a lot that day!

— Lori Sickles Coons

The news that Professor Apol passed away immediately brought tears to my eyes. His class and his teaching were so memorable, as if he just taught me today or yesterday. I graduated from law school 12 years ago and I still remember his saying, “if you do not talk, you will walk.” He was so creative and so intelligent. His passing is a huge loss to all of us.

— Sufen Hilf

He was a friend, mentor and a wonderful professor. I know that my class all enjoyed his approach and his humor. We actually learned Criminal Law and liked it.

He will be dearly missed.

— Mike Sickles, ’93

Jack was my criminal law procedure professor. He was truly an amazing instructor and friend. I was fortunate that we were able to stay in touch since 1983. He will be missed. I have no doubt that he is part of the advisory group in heaven. God bless you Jack!!

— Gregory J. Townsend

I had Professor Apol for Criminal Procedure. I remember his story of telling his father-in-law that police need warrants to search homes. His father-in-law challenged him that, while that may be so, he wouldn't dare tell a cop “no.” Just then, unbelievably, the police knocked at the door, wanting to search the home for an escaped criminal. Professor Apol asked if they had a warrant, they said no, and he told them they couldn’t search—what an opportunity that Professor Apol had the audacity to take! I had the opportunity to golf with him 20 years later. I told him I’d never forget that story. He got a real kick out of re-living it. He was a great guy. Deepest condolences to the family.

— Russ Gregory

Professor Apol taught my first year criminal law class. He made learning fun. He knew how to tell a story to illustrate his point, which is the essence of teaching. His words had weight because he had credibility—he always said he would never trick his students, and it was the truth.

— Nick Zotos

Professor Apol was a wonderful colleague and amazing at helping students prepare for the Criminal Law sections of the MI bar exam and the MBE. I remember he often amazingly predicted the Criminal Law essay questions for the MI bar exam and cheered on grads during the bar exam lunches at the Kellogg Center. Cheer on from heaven, Professor Apol! He will be sorely missed.

— Carlota Toledo

Professor Apol was my absolute favorite! This is an awful, sad tragedy. I never wore red in his class, but on Halloween, I wore orange. I just knew I would be fine since it wasn’t red, but my friends laughed because everyone but me knew he would treat it the same. He called me up and made me play the harmonica while the class chanted, “Arson: malicious burning, of the dwelling house, of another...” :)

You couldn’t help but learn in his class while having an enjoyable experience. I truly hope he knew how valued and loved he was. I only regret never taking him up on his offer to join him for “real ice cream” from MSU Dairy, which I am definitely going to have to try now. Rest in peace, Professor Apol. I know you’re in a better place.

— Jade J. Edwards, ’05

Professor Apol was a great teacher who became a dear friend. He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers to his lovely wife and children. Jack was a great supporter of DCL and we enjoyed seeing him at the Detroit alumni events.

— Hon. B. Pennie Millender, ’87

Professor Apol had the ability to bring the law to life through his teaching. I will fondly remember first year crim law because of Mr. Apol’s methods, humor, and charisma. My deepest condolences to the family and the entire MSU Law community.

— Anonymous

Professor Apol will always be remembered. I enjoyed his class (Criminal Procedure) and repeat some of the stories he told to illustrate a point. One of my favorites was, “I have never seen so much proof before.”

— Rudy Wartella, ’91

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