MSU College of Law

Externships — Current Students

Summer 2017 Deadline

Externship enrollment deadline is April 14, 2017 - this is the date on which all of the forms must be submitted to the Career Services Office. Please be advised that no exceptions to the final deadline will be granted.


In addition to the specific time requirements, students must also enroll in a seminar that accompanies their fieldwork.

  • First externship at MSU law?
    • Students who are enrolled in their first externship for either three or six credits are required to attend a seminar that meets in-person during the semester - see Student Externship Enrollment form for dates.

    • One exception to this is if the student’s first externship is out-of-state and then they can be enrolled in an online seminar. Ideally, all students will complete an in-person seminar.

  • Second or third externship at MSU law?

    • Students who previously completed externship and enrolled in an in-person seminar may complete the seminar component of subsequent externships online in the Advanced Externship Seminar.

Externship Process


Before You Begin

  1. Attend one mandatory information session before your first externship.
  2. If you are unable to attend an information session, view the Externship Information Session PowerPoint and take the quiz:

Apply for Positions

In order for a legal position to qualify as an externship, the placement must be with a judicial, governmental, legal aid or nonprofit entity. In very limited circumstances, law firms in which the student performs only pro bono work (indigent or non-profit clients only), court appointed defense work, or certain local government work may be approved.

  1. Search for externship placements in CASE. 
  2. Apply for a position that is not listed in Symplicity (employer sites will have to be approved by the Externship Director). Sample Externship Employers (PDF)

Secure a Position as an Externship 

For the Summer 2017 semester, you must return the completed forms to the Career Services Office on or before April 14. Seminars will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so complete and return your forms as soon as possible.

  1. Give your supervisor the Externship Agreement Form (PDF) and the Externship Field Placement Supervisor's Guide (PDF) - to be turned in the CSO before enrollment can take place.
  2. Complete the Externship Registrar Enrollment Form - Summer 2017 (PDF) - to be turned in before enrollment can take place. 

During the Externship 

  1. Track your hours by following the link provided on TWEN on a weekly basis. For a 3 credit externship, you must complete 160 hours and for a 6 credit externship, you must complete 320 hours over 14 weeks during the spring or fall semester or 10 weeks during the summer semester. 
  2. Attend the required seminar confirmed after you turn in your enrollment form. 

After the Externship

  1. Confirm with your supervisor that he has completed the Employer Evaluation Form (link will be sent via email).
  2. Complete the student evaluation of the externship site. Log in to TWEN for information about the timing of completion.   


Information for Externship Field Placement Supervisors

  1. Read the Externship Field Placement Supervisor's Guide (PDF) - the student is responsible for making sure his or her supervisor has a copy. 
  2. Complete the Externship Agreement Form (PDF).
  3. Complete the Employer Evaluation Form (link will be sent via email at the end of the externship).