Animal Welfare Clinic

  • What we do

    Students in the Animal Welfare Clinic work to devise and deploy creative legal strategies designed to further the welfare of animals that are exploited in captivity. As one of only four active law school clinics in the country that focus exclusively on animal welfare, MSU Law's Animal Welfare Clinic provides our students with opportunities to stand out in this rapidly-developing field.

    Animal law encompasses nearly every practice area, and students will have the opportunity to engage in a dynamic practice to advance the legal interests of animals, with special focus on novel and creative legal strategies on the local, state, federal, and, in limited cases, international levels.

  • How we work

    Clinical activities focus on areas in which the law is lacking or critically under-enforced, while working to enhance legal protections for domestic and exotic animals. They develop comprehensive legal strategies involving litigation, education, legislative/policy guidance and the preparation of model legislation, use of the federal Freedom of Information Act and relevant local and state open records laws, and regulatory and administrative law practice through the submission of comments and petitions for rule making.

    Student animal law practitioners in the clinic will also be exposed to media training and communications strategies, which are critical to a well-executed legal strategy in animal law cases. They will also cultivate relationships with leading practitioners in animal law through an ongoing series of guest lectures and presentations.

  • Who we help

    The Clinic devises strategies to enhance legal protections for domestic and exotic animals in captivity.

    Clinical activities focus on areas in which the law is either lacking or critically under-enforced, including:

    • Inhumane treatment at roadside zoos
    • Exploitation in entertainment acts
    • Abuse in industrial farming operations
    • Live-animal use for trauma training

Animal Welfare Clinic
Michigan State University College of Law
648 North Shaw Lane
Law College Building, Room 215
East Lansing, MI 48824-1300