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Small Business & Nonprofit Clinic Testimonials

The following testimonials were collected from various course evaluations completed by Small Business Nonprofit Clinic students from 2005 through present.

Anytime I was having trouble with an area of legal representation the professor was able to give me an example when she dealt with a similar matter which was very helpful. It put the matter into a different context.

The professor was extremely helpful in providing guidance, illustrations, examples, and reading material that gave a much deeper understanding of the areas of law practice. She was demanding but very patient and always allow us time to find the answers on our own. I learned a lot about applying law, office/time management, and working with other clinicians. I improved my research ability, writing, and overall understanding of law practice.

Great experience. Better prepared me for the real world. Hands-on experience allowed me to truly understand concepts of the business world. The weekly class time had excellent reading materials provided that were useful with client work.

This was one of the most effective courses I could have taken. I would highly recommend it to other. The materials were very effective in encouraging us to use available resources to find “answers” to problems.

Dear Professor Dandridge – Thank you so much for lunch on our final day at the clinic. It was nice to have a final wrap-up of the semester with everyone. Also, thank you for all the extra advices and encouragement throughout the semester. I think I learned the most from those conversations. Thank you again!

Dear Prof. Dandridge – As I recall, one of the questions we had to address in our personal statement was: “What are the three things we wish to take with us at the end of our clinical experience?” Without going into further details, as my experience here at the Clinic comes to an end, I can proudly say that I am walking away with the three things I mentioned in my P. Statement. There are no words to adequately describe my appreciation for having been given this opportunity and more importantly, for your guidance. I strongly believe that each new lesson or experience learned is an investment in a rewarding and fulfilling future. My experience at the clinic was a great investment – it laid the foundations for a successful and dynamic career as a business transactions attorney, in the highly competitive world of the entertainment/fashion legal profession! With deepest gratitude!

Dear Prof. Dandridge – I never got a chance to thank you again in person for the opportunity at SBNP last summer. The rewarding experience gained there played a huge part in the success of my job research in both the Arizona and California job markets. Almost immediately after graduation, I applied, interviewed, and was offered positions at a few reputable mid-sized firms in Phoenix and San Diego (even w/o a bar licensed!). Most of the firms I interviewed were quite impressed with the way our clinic operated. They were especially shocked when I told them the type of transactional work we were exposed to, such as drafting and filing formation docs, advising clients on various transactional matters, and preparing form 1023 for nonprofits – a legal service typically reserved for those more experienced business law attorneys in the nonprofit sector. After weighing my options, I’ve accepted a permanent position at a mid-sized full-service firm in Phoenix, AZ. I started there about 3 weeks ago and so far, it’s been great. Because of my corporate law background, I have been placed in the corporate/commercial litigation division. Anyways, I just wanted to give you a shout and pass on the good news. My invaluable experience at the clinic will always be remembered as a stepping stone to realizing my career goal as a transactional attorney. Thank you!

Dear Prof. Dandridge – Thank you for all of your guidance and encouragement this past semester. The clinic will always be an experience that I will remember fondly!

Dear Prof. Dandridge – I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. You have not only been an amazing professor and leader but you have encouraged and inspired me more than anyone else. Your encouragement and confidence in my capabilities has truly been a gift and whatever success that comes my way, I must say, I owe a lot of it to you. I have constantly put myself down and never thought I was good enough until working with you. You saw this weakness of mine and helped me improve myself as a student, attorney and as a person. It is because you believed in me that I believe in myself. You are one of the few professors that I have crossed paths with that have the ability to touch students’ hearts and impact them in such a positive way. I am truly blessed to have been in your class and worked at the clinic. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you and I hope we stay in touch and I can continue to look to you for guidance and encouragement for all the hurdles ahead!!!

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