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Educational Objectives

statueThe Institute will attract leading scholars and practitioners to examine cutting-edge issues of particular importance to countries, such as Croatia, with integrating economies and newly developed intellectual property regimes.

The program will offer a menu of courses focused on international and comparative aspects of intellectual property and related areas. Likely topics range from international and comparative copyright and patent law trademark law to cyber law issues of international Internet jurisdiction and regulation.

These courses will aim to provide American students with the basics of U.S. law while also exposing them to the unique challenges of building IP regimes in societies with a limited history of such legal protections. These issues include fixing upon models of IP protection, entering into international regimes of IP protection, and developing local legal expertise and anti-counterfeit measures.

A component focused on the laws and legal system of Croatia also will be offered. Representatives from the Croatian Patent Agency will also come to campus to visit with the group.

American law students will find the IP Summer Institute a means of developing an excellent background in IP law, one of the fastest growing areas of the law. The multicultural learning and networking gained through a summer in Croatia can enhance the educational experience of any law student interested in international or intellectual property law.

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