MSU College of Law

Top Diversity Facts about MSU Law

  1. D= MSU College of Law has DEMONSTRATED its commitment to DIVERSITY in its founding mission statement of 1891 by having a non-discrimination clause on its admissions application.
  2. I= Ensuring an INCLUSIVE classroom experience is one of the central missions of academics at MSU College of Law.
  3. V= A VERY wide VARIETY of academic programs are offered here at MSU College of Law in which diverse students comment on being provided with an advantage over their peers when transitioning into the work place.
  4. E= EAST LANSING, Michigan is home to many cultural restaurants, theaters, hair grooming establishments, museums, community organizations, places of worship, and festivals.
  5. R= Currently, there are over 17 REGISTERED MSU College of Law student organizations that are designed to meet the needs of diverse students in the areas of ethnic and cultural relations, age, sexual orientation, gender, religion, and political ideology.
  6. S= The Diversity Services Office is designed to be a  SERVICE-CENTEREDoffice that is a resource for students of diverse backgrounds to obtain support services, inclusive initiatives, outreach connections, and assistance with day-to-day issues that students encounters while attending law school.
  7. I = INFORMATION can be obtained from Law College's Diversity Services Office about international, national, and campus events that are designed to promote and support diversity in the legal profession and global society.
  8. T = Our office collaborates with the Law College's Alumni Relations Department on being in TOUCH with alumni of diverse backgrounds in most major cities and states.
  9. Y= The Diversity Service Office is willing to answer any questions that will assist YOU in making the decision to become part of the MSU College of Law family!