MSU College of Law

Goldie Pritchard

Academic Success Program, Director of LEO, Adjunct Professor
Law College Building
648 N. Shaw Lane Rm 230B
East Lansing, MI 48824-1300

M. Ed. 2009, Grand Valley State University; J.D. 2004, Seattle University School of Law; B.A. 2001, University of California, Davis

  • Effective Legal Analysis & Process
    The purpose of this course is to build the critical skills necessary to succeed in law school and on the bar exam. Various hands-on activities will help students master skills such as careful reading, issue spotting, structuring an answer, managing time, balancing the analysis of a close question, and taking both multiple choice and essay tests.
  • Problem-solving in Contracts
    Using a problem format, the course will review major contract topics including: contract formation, consideration, defenses, third party beneficiaries, assignment & delegation, parol evidence, breach and remedies. The course is recommended to students who want to improve their mastery of material covered in the first-year Contracts course. Only graduating third year students are eligible to enroll in this course.