New Policy Effective Fall 2013

Beginning in Fall 2013, second- and third-year students in the full-time JD program will have their budgets and financial aid reduced on a per-credit basis if they enroll for fewer than 28 or 26 credits respectively. More specifically, budgets and financial aid will be adjusted each semester based on the student’s courseload for the semester. Living expenses (books, room and board, personal/miscellaneous) should be affected very little if at all. In addition all part-time and LLM/MJ students receiving federal financial aid will be reviewed for underenrollment and have their federal loans adjusted accordingly.

Please note: effective Fall 2016 students in the part-time program will also have their loan eligibility reviewed if they fall under 10 credits in fall or spring semester.

Finally, tuition-specific scholarships from the College of Law will also be reduced to allow loans for living expenses to remain stable. Please note that the scholarship will still cover the appropriate percentage of tuition.

Adjustments will be made two weeks before disbursement of student loans each semester. Loans can be reinstated after the drop/add period has ended. Students who drop courses after the drop/add period, and who will receive a refund as a result, will also have their loans adjusted.

To determine your adjusted budget and potential aid under the new policy please use the budget worksheet (Excel).

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at if you have further questions.

For additional information about enrolment requirements please visit: