MSU College of Law

Aid Information for Transfer Applicants

Prospective transfer students are encouraged to review the following information when considering the possibility of transferring to MSU College of Law. Questions regarding any aspect of the financial aid process may be directed to Mr. John Garcia, director of financial aid: or (517) 432-6810.

  • Prospective transfer students should be aware of the difference in costs at MSU College of Law and their current institution, making sure to carefully and considerately review the budget information provided at Special attention should be given to the “thrifty budget” and the appeal process. Budgets vary from school to school and as a consequence your refund (money for living expenses) will also vary.
  • If you are transferring to MSU College of Law then you should ensure you have taken the steps necessary to facilitate a smooth transition in your financial aid. Specifically you should have your FAFSA data sent to MSU Law by logging into and adding our federal school code (G02254) or by contacting the Financial Aid Helpline at 800-4-FED-AID. You should also inform your previous institution’s financial aid office that you will be transferring and ask to have your financial aid cancelled. Please note: your financial aid does not "transfer" from one school to another.
  • Once we receive your FAFSA data we will process your financial aid and post it on "Check Your Aid", a section on STU-INFO ( (You may access STU-INFO once you have activated your MSU e-mail account.) You will receive notice from our office by email, to your MSU e-mail account. The email will ask you to log into STU-INFO and follow the steps necessary for finalizing your financial aid. MSU Law is a Direct Loan school. You must complete a new Master Promissory Note (MPN) so we can process your Stafford Loans, and GradPLUS Loan, and our link for the MPN is If you have a private loan then you should contact your lender and request a new certification for MSU College of Law. We will certify your loan once your lender contacts us.
  • The College of Law’s scholarship funding is limited to students who begin their studies at MSU Law.